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Pet Products Packaging Opportunities – New Packaging Formats and Value-added Features

  • $495
  • August 2021
Pet Products - Category Packaging Opportunities explores new packaging formats and value-added features in the pet products category, using examples from GlobalData's Pack-Track innovation tool. Pet owners are very attached...

Freshpet – Success Case Study

  • $995
  • September 2020
This report is part of GlobalData's Success and Failures case study series, which explores the reasons underpinning success or failure, and key learnings. It focuses on the success of Freshpet,...

The Rise of Pet and Plant Parents – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Consumer Behavior Impact

  • $1,450
  • July 2020
This report is part of the GlobalData COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behavior series, which tracks how the pandemic and many factors have impacted consumer behavior and purchase decisions. This report...

Success Case Study: Tails.Com Dog Food

  • $995
  • January 2020 is a provider of personalized dog food direct to consumers at home. It uses algorithmic models and in-house ingredients to create bespoke diets tailored to the specific needs of...

Category Packaging Opportunities: Pet Products

  • $495
  • September 2019
The pet products sector has been growing for many years but the growth has been even more noticeable recently, with millions of households across the globe now owning or taking...

Top Trends in Pet Products 2018: The latest trends in pet food and pet care products

  • $3,450
  • June 2018
"Top Trends in Pet Products 2018", is part of GlobalData's Top Trends series. It examines the key consumer behaviors that are shaping preferences within this space, and subsequently how this...

Top Trends in Pet Products 2017: Exploring latest innovation trends in pet food and pet care

  • $3,450
  • April 2017
"Top Trends in Pet Products 2017: Exploring latest innovation trends in pet food and pet care", explores the latest consumer and innovation trends in pet food and pet care. Pet...

Top Trends in Pet Products; Exploring the pet care and pet food categories

  • $3,450
  • March 2016
As consumers increasingly liken their pets' needs to their own, the trends being seen in the human space are continuing to manifest themselves in the pet category. Facets of pet...