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Measure and rank your performance in customer satisfaction within DIY and assess how it has changed over the last six years (2009-2014). Includes ratings for price, range, quality, service, convenience, ambience, layout and facilities. Use these to understand strengths and weaknesses. Identifies the biggest CSI winners and losers within DIY this year, highlighting those that pose the greatest threat to your business.


DIY was the only sector in Verdict's CSI survey whose average score grew on last year, up two points to 135, its best ever performance. Retailers developing their offer, especially their range and price, have driven this performance. Service remains problematic though, with all scoring below average and this should be a focus for them this year.

Screwfix has emerged as this year's winner for DIY. As well as leading the way in terms of service, facilities and ambience, it has improved significantly within price. A driver behind this would have been the greater number of regular shoppers using the store, as they continue to expand aggressively and discover that it not just for trade.

While Wilkinson and Homebase are outside the top three, both have improved their score on last year, up 21 and four points respectively. an 11 point increase for range and improvements in convenience drove Wilkinson's performance. Homebase leads the way for convenience, on the back of its check and reserve offer and improved on five other sectors.

Reasons to buy

What is driving satisfaction for different retailers within DIY Which retailers have improved the most

What are your competitors' strengths and weaknesses and how can you exploit them by adapting your own strategies

How are drivers of satisfaction changing in terms of importance in the consumers' eyes What impact is the economy having on drivers of satisfaction

Table of Contents

1 Overview

2 Executive Summary

2.1 About CSI

3 Summary of Findings – DIY

3.1 DIY only sector to improve sector average in 2014

3.2 Service remains problematic for larger DIY specialists

3.3 Screwfix remains top despite fluctuations in individual drivers

3.4 Price main driver behind marginal decline at B&Q

3.5 Despite decline, Wickes remains third

3.6 Improvements to range drive significant growth at Wilkinson

3.7 Homebase stays bottom despite increasing its score

4 Synopsis and Comparatives

4.1 DIY

5 Rankings

5.1 Overall ranking – DIY

5.2 Winners since last year – DIY

5.3 Losers since last year – DIY

5.4 Rankings for range – DIY

5.5 Rankings for price – DIY

5.6 Rankings for convenience – DIY

5.7 Rankings for quality – DIY

5.8 Rankings for service – DIY

5.9 Rankings for ambience – DIY

5.1 Rankings for facilities – DIY

5.11 Rankings for layout – DIY

6 Methodology

6.1 About CSI

7 Appendix

7.1 About Verdict Retail

7.2 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: DIY highest scoring retailers overall and by factor, 2013 and 2014

Table 2: CSI comparatives between DIY and all retail, 2014

Table 3: DIY retailers ranked by overall CSI score, 2014

Table 4: DIY retailers with the most significant gains in overall CSI score, 2014

Table 5: DIY retailers with the most significant losses in overall CSI score, 2014

Table 6: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for range, 2009–14

Table 7: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for price, 2009–14

Table 8: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for convenience, 2009–14

Table 9: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for quality, 2009–14

Table 10: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for service, 2009–14

Table 11: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for ambience, 2009–14

Table 12: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for facilities, 2009–14

Table 13: DIY retailers ranked by latest CSI score for layout, 2009–14

List of Figures

Figure 1: Yearly average score comparatives, DIY and all retail, 2009–14


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