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United Kingdom Wealth Management – HNW Investors 2020

Most HNW individuals in the UK accrued their wealth through earned income. Both expats and entrepreneurs are increasingly lucrative groups to target. HNW individuals in the UK are using more wealth managers than in previous years. A multi-service proposition is a must as demand is expected to increase across all mandates, especially advisory and automated investment services, as HNW investors want more control over their wealth. The Coronavirus Crash has resulted in investors bouncing between taking advantage of cheap assets and keeping wealth safe. Prolonged market downturn in the UK appears to have knocked UK HNW confidence and will result in more UK HNW wealth being offshored.

This report analyzes the investment preferences and portfolio allocation of UK HNW individuals. It profiles them in terms of their demographics; examines the allocation of HNW investors’ portfolios; analyzes their propensity to invest offshore; and explores their product and service demand.


– Over a third of HNW investors in the UK are entrepreneurs.

– Almost a quarter of HNW individuals resident in the UK are not originally from the country.

– Demand for tax and pension planning services is expected to increase the most over the next 12 months.

– Demand for discretionary asset management is expected to increase the least across all mandates.

Reasons to Buy

– Develop and enhance your client targeting strategies using our data on HNW profiles and sources of wealth.

– Give your marketing strategies the edge required and capture new clients using insights from our data on HNW investors’ preferences for the various styles of asset management.

– Develop your product and service proposition to match the demand expressed by UK HNW investors and react proactively to forecasted changes in demand.

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Knight Frank



Canaccord Genuity

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Investment Style Preferences

Asset Allocation Preferences

Offshore Investment Preferences

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