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United Kingdom (UK) Toys and Games Market to 2025

The UK toys & games market is forecast to reach £3.6bn in 2020, with forecast growth of 15.2% between 2020 and 2025. We forecast toys & games spending to rise over the next five years and the market to recover following a period of drastic decline between 2017 and 2019.

The UK Toys & Games 2020-2025 sector report offers comprehensive insight and analysis of the UK toys & games market (including forecasts up to 2025), the major players, the big issues, and consumer attitudes. It provides in-depth analysis of the following: the hot issues impacting the market, strategies for success, market sizes and forecasts, retailer profiles, retailer market shares, consumer data and future outlook. The consumer data is based on our 2019 UK HBS survey, using a panel of 10,000 nationally representative consumers.


– With the market set to return to growth in 2020 (as consumer sentiment recovers), it will remain impacted by an increasingly technology-centric youth, with portions of toys & games spend being transferred into entertainment and electricals.

– Though the core toys & games sector targets children, there is a growing audience in the collectibles market which appeals to all ages groups, enicing non-traditional spend within the sector.

– Amazon continues to steal share from specialists, increasing by 2.9ppts in 2020 compared to 2019.

Reasons to Buy

– Learn how the key retailers such as The Entertainer and Smyths are adapting to the sustainable movement , and the impact the war on plastic is having on the overall market.

– Utilise our in depth analysis of each age group, including average annual spend per head and the most important purchase drivers, to help you to increase spend among your target customer base.

– Use our detailed analysis of what the key issues within the toys & games market are to help identify ways to acquire new shoppers and drive engagement.

– Find out the rate at which online and offline channels are forecast to grow over the next five years, allowing you to adjust your business models to maximise sales potential.

Key Players







Crocodile Toyshop


Disney Store

FAO Schwarz

Funko Pop!

Games Workshop



Home Bargains

House of Fraser












The Entertainer

The Range

The Very Group

The Works

Toys R Us


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Market drivers and inhibitors

Main issues in toys & games

Strategies learned from the collapse of Toys R Us

Potential films to impact the market

Collectables appeal to a wider audience than typical products in the toys & games market

Video games and in-app purchases drive older children away from the toys & games market

Coronavirus outbreak impacting global supply chain

Strategies for success



The sector at a glance

Overall sector size

Overall sector growth

Category dynamics: Soft toys

Category dynamics: Outdoor toys

Category dynamics: Construction toys

Category dynamics: Electronic toys

Category dynamics: Board games and jigsaws

Category dynamics: Doll houses/train sets

Category dynamics: Action figures

Category dynamics: Art toys

Spend per head

Online sector size

Online dynamics


Channels of distribution

Market shares

Visited retailers

Shopped retailers

Retailer profiles

The Entertainer





Competitor dynamics


Who shops and where they are located

Which categories they buy

Which character ranges they buy

Channels used by consumers

Fulfilment methods used by consumers

Frequency of shopping

What’s important when purchasing womenswear

Net agreement statements

Sustaiability in the toys sector


What is included

Market sizing

List of Tables

List of Tables

Toys & games spend by subcategory, 2020e and 2025e

Toys & games spend per head by age group, 2020e

Toys & games channel split: 2020e and 2025e

Market share prospects out to 2020 for the Top 10 players

Retailer competitor overlap for Top 10 players, 2020

Purchase penetration of toys & games categories by demographic, 2019

Channel usage by demographic (instore, online, mail order), 2019

Fulfilment methods used by demographic (home delivery, click & collect and third-party pickup), 2019

What drives toys & games purchases, by demographic, 2019

List of Figures

List of Figures

Total market growth, including and excluding Amazon

Category growth in toys & games

Overall toys & games: size of the market, 2015-2025e

Overall womenswear: inflation & volume, 2014-2024e

Women’s outerwear: category size and growth rates, 2014-2024e

Women’s underwear: category size and growth rates, 2014-2024e

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Soft toys

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Outdoor toys

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Construction toys

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Electronic toys

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Board games and jigsaws

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Doll houses/train sets

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Action figures

Category size and growth rates, 2015-2025e: Art toys

Channel splits for tiys & games, 2020e and 2025e

Market shares of top 10 toys & games, 2019 and 2020e

Top 15 most visited toys & games retailers, 2019

Top 15 most purchased from toys & games retailers, 2019

The Entertainer: Consumer dynamics and where else they shop, 2019

The Entertainer: Clothing market share, 2015-2020e

Amazon: Consumer dynamics and where else they shop, 2019

Amazon: Clothing market share, 2015-2020e

Smyths: Consumer dynamics and where else they shop, 2019

Smtyhs: Clothing market share, 2015-2020e

Toys & games shopper penetration by demographic and region, 2019

Profile of toys & games shoppers by demographic and region, 2019

Purchase penetration of toys & games categories, 2019

Toys & games character ranges shopped in the last 12 months

Toys & games ranges consumers planned to shop for Christmas 2019

Channel usage (instore, online and mail order/catalogue), 2018 and 2019

Fulfilment method for toys & games (home delivery, click & collect, third-party pickup), 2018 and 2019

Frequency of toys & games purchases by demographic, 2019

Considerations when purchasing toys & games products

Views on toys & games purchases, 2019

Views on sustainability in the toys sector, 2019

Views on toy subscription services, 2019

Views on the impact of children’s film releases of toy purchases, 2019


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