Outbound Tourism Spending Habits: Top 10 Expenditure Markets in Focus

GlobalData’s Expenditure Markets in Focus report provides in-depth analysis of the top 10 spending outbound markets globally. Here, detailed commentary and analysis is provided for outbound spending in the US, China, Spain, France, Australia, Germany, Russia, Canada, the UK and Japan.

The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights for the top 10 outbound spending markets globally. Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the top 10 global outbound tourism markets are combined with a detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in these markets. Actionable insight on key trends and issues in these markets is then given.


– US outbound tourism once again proved its mettle as the largest market in terms of expenditure in 2018. It recorded year-on-year growth of 7.3% as a result of the improved economy, higher consumer confidence and the appreciation of the dollar against other major currencies.

– China holds the top spot as the country with the highest number of outbound trips in 2018. Its outbound tourism market improved mainly due to the improved relations after the normalization of the THAAD missile dispute with South Korea.

– Outbound trips from Germany, the UK, Russia and France to Turkey recorded a strong growth. The fear surrounding the terror attacks in Turkey subsided and the depreciation of Turkish Lira further helped the growth in the number of visitors from European countries.

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– Understand how the top 10 markets are expected to grow using historic and forecast market data

– Understand the demand-side dynamics within the industry to identify key market trends, growth opportunities

– Direct promotional efforts on the most promising markets by identifying the high spending source markets.

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Table of Contents

Table of contents


Top 10 Expenditure Markets in Focus

US: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

China: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Germany: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

UK: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

France: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Spain: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Canada: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Russia: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Australia: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Japan: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits




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