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TrendSights Analysis: Aging Populations – How brands can accommodate the growing proportion of older consumers

"TrendSights Analysis: Aging Populations" examines the impact of global population aging on FMCGs. It examines why this trend is increasingly important, who the target market is and their preferences, and how FMCG brands can best capitalize on the trend. Finally the report looks at what the future of the trend will be.

In nearly every country in the world the proportion of older people is not only rising but accelerating. This group will have a massive impact on societies but also on FMCG. FMCG brands will have to cater to this group by addressing their concerns around trust, transparency, and quality, while also meeting their health and wellness needs.


– 68% of consumers aged over 55 who buy personal care products say that how familiar/trustworthy/risk-free a product is often or always influences their product choice in personal care.

– 62% of consumers aged over 55 say that how a product impacts their health and wellness often or always influences their product choice in food.

– 87% of consumers aged over 55 find on-pack information that allows you to see where it was made somewhat or very appealing.

– 58% of consumers over the age of 65 exercise at least once a week.

Reasons to Buy

– Understand the needs and desires of the growing population of older consumers

– Understand the main opportunities within this trend and how the trend is affecting a variety of industries

– Understand how other brands are designing products to cater to this trend.

Key Players

Morinaga & Co


Bru Bone Broths



La Roche Posay


Mumm Cuvee Reserve



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Trend Snapshot

What is Aging Populations?

Why is Aging Populations important?

Who is driving Aging Populations?

How can Aging Populations be capitalized on?

What next for Aging Populations?



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