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Towards Next Generation Asset Class – Can NFTs Outlive Hype as New Gold of Crypto Economy?

In a rapidly growing digital world, it often becomes difficult to claim the ownership of assets and differentiate them. A copy of a file like a JPG, for instance, is the same as the original. As a result, there is a growing need to replicate crucial properties of physical assets like proof of ownership and uniqueness. NFTs are evolving to bridge this gap by taking advantage of blockchain’s properties like provenance and scarcity. They have proven to be intriguing for artists as they found new ways to sell their creative work as digital assets. Beyond art, several industries including gaming, music, sports, fashion, real estate, entertainment, decentralized finance, healthcare, and insurance have discovered various use cases of NFTs. This report highlights how startups and corporates are leveraging NFTs to change the way we perceive the ownership of digital assets. It also spots light on how the adoption of NFTs in the future can increase with business leaders and major industries like oil & gas, electronics, agriculture, and chemicals would buy into the NFT hype.


Technology Decoding: presents the technology overview, key features, market drivers, major applications, and a market map with potential use cases and popular players (startups as well as enterprises).

Media & Trend Analysis: highlights the technology presentation from the media perspective – major news, and lauds from the social media promoting the technology. The section also mentions the technology from company annual and other filings.

Investment Radar: outlines the venture capital funding trends with some of the popular deals, the most funded startups, and notable investors and accelerators pumping millions into the technology growth.

Innovation Explorer: introduces game-changing company innovations with a spotlight on startups. Select corporate¬-startup partnerships inclined at future product developments are also mentioned.

IP Landscaping: provides a broad-level analysis of the trends in patent filings and grants, priority countries, and key patent filers in the technology.

The Road Ahead: summarizes the drivers and challenges, use cases that can become successful with business leaders, potential applications in new horizons, and the outlook of the technology.

Key Highlights

NFT overview and its key applications across industries, use cases, and major stakeholders in each industry, the noise created in the media, VC investment trends, real-world innovation use cases and examples related to the implementation of NFT, trends in patent filings and grants, and the future potential of NFTs.

Reasons to Buy

GlobalData’s FutureTech Series Reports are aimed at capturing futuristic technologies which have the potential to disrupt tomorrow. These technologies are constantly changing, adapting, and progressing to enable a paradigm shift in our daily lives. The awareness, knowledge, and expertise of these topics help transform business models and strategic thinking with an in-depth understanding of megatrends that can directly influence patenting, collaboration, acquisition, and investment decisions.

Companies Mentioned

0xcert, 3D Robe, 4Artechnologies, Aavegotchi, Activision Blizzard, Adidas, Aimedis, Air Baltic Corp, Algorand, Alphawallet, Americorp Investments, Andreessen Horowitz, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Animoca Brands, Ant Group, Aon plc, Arianee, ASICS, Assicurazioni Generali, Async Art, Atari Corporation, Audi, Azure Capital Partners, Baidu, Bakeryswap, Ballet Global, Barrett-Jackson, Bay City Capital, Bessemer Ventures Partners, Binance Smart Chain, Blockade Games, Blockchange Ventures, Boson Protocol, Bravado, Breitling, Buchigo, Burberry, CarrierEQ Inc., Casper Labs, Charged Particles, Christie's, Clothia, Coca Cola, Coinbase, Coinfund, Curio, Currencyworks, Dapper Labs, Decentraland, Delorean Motor Company, Dolphin Entertainment, Doublejump.Tokyo, Eight Plus Ventures, Emerald Asset Management, Enjin, Equivest, EYGS LLP, Fantastec, Foil Network, Forte, Fortmatic, Fox, Funfair Technologies, Funko, Galaxy Digital Ventures, Gameloft SE, Geer, General Mills, Genies, GMO Internet Group, Gucci, Gumi Inc, Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment, Hasbro, Hermes Paris, HYPR Corp, Ignition Partners, Ikonick, Immutable X, Re-Inc, Jacob & Co, Javelin Ventures Partners, Jiayin Group, Knownorigin, Koinearth, Kostizi, LABS Group, Larva Labs, Launch, Leverage Rock, Louis Vuitton, marketsN, Marvel Entertainment, Mastercard, Mathwallet, Mattel, Mercari, MetaMask, Microsoft Corporation, Mintbase, Mogul Productions, Monex Group, Mythical Games, nChain, Nebula Genomics, Netflix, Netmarble Corp, NFTfi, Nifty Gateway, Nike, Nintendo, Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation, Northzone Ventures, nWay, Opensea, Ozone Networks, P&G, Paypal, Pinata ,Pizza Hut, Propy, Puma, Rage.Fan, Rarible, Renault, Richemont, RTFKT, S!Ng, Sandbox, SBI Holdings, Securrency, Shape Immersive, Shivom, Shutterstock, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Sino-Global, Sky Mavis, Skysport, Somnium Space, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Sorare, Sotheby's, So-Young International Inc, Strong Force Intellectual Capital, SuperRare, Supertree, Superworld, Taito Corporation, Taoping, Tauriga Sciences, Tautachrome, Tencent Games, Ten-X, Atlantic Records, The Fabricant, Threshold Ventures, Top Shot, TOPPS, TriumphX, Tron, Trust Wallet, Turner Sports, Unblockable, Under Armour, Upshot, Verisart, Viacom, VideoCoin, Visa, WalletConnect, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brother’s Music Group, WazirX, Whale.me, Winklevoss Ip, Wisekey International Holdings, Wizard Brands, World Wrestling Entertainment, XPOP, YAS Microinsurance, Yum! Brands, ZK International Group, Zora

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Technology Decoding: Overview, Key applications, and Major market players

2. Media & Trend Analysis: News publication trends, Thought leadership, Social media traction, Company filings

3. Investment Radar: VC investment trends, Top countries by most deals, Top funded startups, Most active investors, and accelerators

4. Innovation Explorer: Key innovators: startups under spotlight and major enterprises in action

5. IP Landscaping: IP Filing trends

6. The Road Ahead: Drivers and challenges, Emerging concepts, Potential use cases for business leaders, Futuristic industry applications, Outlook


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