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Top Trends in Pet Products 2018: The latest trends in pet food and pet care products

"Top Trends in Pet Products 2018", is part of GlobalData's Top Trends series. It examines the key consumer behaviors that are shaping preferences within this space, and subsequently how this is translating into innovation and future opportunities.

This report outlines the key consumer and innovation trends currently impacting the core categories in the pet products sector: pet food and pet care. Trends explored in this research include innovation opportunities in offering alternative diets for pets, premiumization of pet products, new pet food formats ensuring naturalness, and digital tools becoming mainstream in pet care.


– Trends in consumer behavior and preferences heavily influence trends in pet product innovations and lifestyles, so pet product innovations often follow "human" trends.

– "Healthy" is a key aspect that pet owners seek in pet products, but some pets are also fussy with their food so taste is also a key criteria when exploring new product formulations.

– Pet owners will always be keen to find innovations that improve the quality of life of their pets; however, these innovations must convey safety in order to gain and maintain consumer trust in the brand.

– Quality and price are two of the main influential factors over pet owners' choice on pet products, and products need to balance these factors in order to succeed.

Reasons to Buy

– Identify how brands can innovate to engage consumers as well as showcasing best-in-class innovation examples throughout.

– Learn what consumer behavior is driving innovation using GlobalData's latest consumer research.

– Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development.

Key Players


Procter & Gamble

Earth Chemical

Dr. Beckmann




Kao Corp

Hero Clean

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Innovation Trends in Pet Products

Trend 1: Ethical Diets

Trend 2: Luxury Lifestyle

Trend 3: Go Wild

Trend 4: Smart Relationships

3. The Future

4. Appendix


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