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Top Tech Themes in Mining

The mining industry remains an incredibly dangerous line of work, even in the modern world. The mining depths required for exploration come with a whole host of risks for miners.

This report compendium comprises three mining thematic research reports that analyze the top tech themes disrupting the mining industry: artificial intelligence (AI), drones and wearable technology.


Artificial Intelligence in Mining

This chapter looks at the challenges facing the mining industry, together with thorough discussion of how AI can help mitigate these challenges as well identify any new opportunities. It also provides a unique thematic scorecard showing 50 global mining companies that predicts the success of mining companies in the next 2-5 years.

Drones in Metals and Mining

Drones technology has demonstrated a varied range of mining applications from exploration, surveying and mapping to maintaining safety and enhancing security. This chapter analyses how drones technology is affecting the global metals & mining industry, with discussion about how key trends are affecting the industry.

Wearable Technology in Mining

Wearable technology has the potential to greatly decrease risk to miners, and increase productivity through a variety of different methods. This chapter discusses how wearable technology works, its impact on the mining industry and explores how wearable technology could change the way mining companies operate.

Reasons to Buy

  • Build an understanding of how the top themes and its applications will impact the mining industry.
  • Identify key trends in the technology themes.
  • Discover case studies where these themes have been used to overcome challenges faced by companies.
  • Formulate marketing messages that resonate with buyers in the mining sector by identifying the key challenges that the sector faces and understanding how these themes are impacting the sector.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Artificial Intelligence

Conversational platforms

COVID-19 boosts demand for virtual agents

Which vendors are best-positioned in the conversational platform market?

Computer vision

Facial recognition is a hot topic

Computer vision as a service is driving adoption

AI chips

Homegrown processors are putting pressure on established leaders

Legacy suppliers are stepping up their game

China’s influence will increase

Smart robots

The co-bot market will grow sharply

Care robots are a small but increasingly important segment

Context-aware computing

There are a wide range of industry-specific applications

Mining challenges

The impact of AI on mining

Case studies

Agnico Eagle’s use of AI for predictive maintenance

KGHM Polska Miedź uses AI to streamline the refuelling process

Jiangzhuang Coal Mine’s use of Hikvision to reduce accidents

Goldspot’s use of AI to identify new gold targets

Rio Tinto’s autonomous train haulage

Fortescue’s autonomous systems

Barrick uses to AI detects microsleep and distracted driving to improve safety

Freeport McMoRan using AI modeling to increase mill efficiency

FLSmidth increasing processing efficiency through AI

Market size and growth forecasts

Mergers and acquisitions

AI timeline


Leading AI adopters in mining

Leading AI vendors

Specialist AI vendors in mining

Sector scorecard

Mining sector scorecard

Who’s who

Thematic screen

Valuation screen


Further reading

GlobalData reports

Our thematic research methodology

Chapter 2 – Drones


Technology briefing

Anatomy of a drone

Key technologies


Technology trends

Macroeconomic trends

Regulatory trends

Application of drones in the mining industry

Industry analysis

Market size and growth forecasts

Penetration of drones in mining – 2019 mine site survey

Competitive analysis

Mergers and acquisitions


Impact of drone technology on the mining industry

Key recommendations for mining companies

Key recommendations for drone vendors

Value chain

Hardware layer

Software layer

Service layer

Companies 39

Public companies

Private companies

Drone suppliers to the mining sector

Mining companies


Appendix: Our thematic research methodology

Chapter 3 – Wearable Technology



Impact of wearable tech on the mining industry

Technology trends

Macroeconomic trends

Regulatory trends

Industry analysis

Penetration of wearable technology in mining

Market Size and Growth Forecasts

Competitive Analysis

Mergers and Acquisitions

Strategic Alliances


Value chain

App layer



Data layer

Connectivity layer

Device layer


Smart glasses

Fitness trackers

Smart clothes



Tech companies

Wearable companies

Mining companies


Appendix: Our Thematic Research Methodology



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