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Global Surface Mining Equipment: Populations & Forecasts to 2025

GlobalData's "Global Surface Mining Equipment: Populations & Forecasts to 2025” provides detailed data and forecasts for six types of major surface mining equipment: trucks, hydraulic excavators, shovels, loaders, dozers and graders. The data is based on GlobalData's extensive mine-site research and equipment models to generate a complete view of equipment counts globally, with breakdowns by each major region and key mining country, and also by major commodity – including coal, iron ore, copper and gold.


Global, with breakdowns of equipment counts by region (Asia Pacific, Australasia, Europe, Former Soviet Union, Middle East & Africa, North America, South & Central America) and major mining countries, such as Australia, Canada, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Peru, Russia, South Africa and the USA. Data is also split into total populations and those that are active, and market shares are provided for the leading OEMs by type of machine and by region.

Key Highlights

The total number of trucks, excavators, shovels, loaders, graders and dozers across all operating mines (including those in care and maintenance), excluding quarries, at the end of 2020 was estimated at 157,378. The largest share of machines is in Asia Pacific, at 44%, followed by the Middle East & Africa at 12%. Including only active fleet, this figure was 141,470.

With steady growth in output, as more mines ramp up and come on stream, the total number of active machines is forecast to rise to 167,367 by 2025, a CAGR of 3.0% from 2021 to 2025. The largest contributor to this growth will be trucks, and particularly the smaller-sized trucks with shorter lifespans, used extensively in parts of Asia Pacific.

Of the total, the largest share is accounted for by trucks at 61%. Of these the most popular payload sizes are in the range of 50-99 metric tonne trucks (37%), with 35% below 50t. Next most numerous are dozers accounting for 14% of machines, ahead of hydraulic excavators and shovels at 11%.

The leading OEMs are Caterpillar and Komatsu whose equipment portfolios span all equipment types. Volvo, Hitachi, Liebherr, BEML also supply into multiple sectors.

As miners seek improved productivity and reduced emissions, the number of autonomous haul trucks has grown, reaching 823 as at November 2021. While electrification of surface equipment is at a very nascent stage, GlobalData has identified 187 trolley trucks operating across the globe.

Reasons to Buy

Assess the current populations of each major type of equipment by country and region, and by key commodity (coal, iron ore, gold and copper)

Predict counts of each machine through to 2025

Analyse the key OEMs in each segment and region

View counts of trucks by payload, plus numbers of autonomous and electric vehicles

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Table of Contents

1 Executive summary

2 Global surface mining machinery populations by type and region

3 Mining trucks

4 Excavators & hydraulic shovels

5 Electric shovels

6 Loaders

7 Dozers

8 Graders

9 Leading OEMs

10 Methodology


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