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Success Case Study: Green Giant “Swap-In” Frozen Vegetables – Frozen vegetable innovation making healthy swaps easier

"Success Case Study: Green Giant "Swap-In" Frozen Vegetables" is part of GlobalData's Successes and Failures research. It examines the details of and reasons behind the success of Green Giant's new "swap-in" frozen vegetable innovation in the US. It delivers the critical "what?", "why?", and "so what?" analysis to teach you crucial lessons that increase your chances of launching successful products as well as avoid risk.

48% of US consumers try to eat vegetables as much as possible, rising to 54% globally, making them a key ingredient manufacturers should be turning to in new innovation. Green Giant's innovative new "swap-in" frozen vegetables line offers multiple benefits, such as helping to increase vegetable consumption by using them to replace traditional starchy food (e.g. white rice or potatoes) and helping consumers to reduce their calorie and carbohydrate consumption.


– Green Giant's "swap-in" vegetable series is designed to help US consumers to swap more vegetables into their everyday meals.

– The line offers multiple benefits and each benefit meets a different consumer need, which has helped to expand the target audience.

– Vegetable product innovations have potential to appeal to a wide range of consumers, as consumers actively try to consume more vegetables and reduce carbohydrates.

– Developing breakfast cereal influenced by Western culture to meet local sensory preferences generates opportunities.

Reasons to Buy

– Reduce the risk of failure by learning from brands/products that have under-performed: failed innovation can severely impact profit and reputation.

– Understand the relevant consumer trends and attitudes that drive and support innovation success so you can tap into what is really impacting the industry.

– Gain a broader appreciation of the fast-moving consumer goods industry by gaining insights from both within and outside of your sector.

– Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development.

Key Players

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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