Luxury Goods Retailing in the Americas, 2017-2022: Market & Category Expenditure and Forecasts, Trends, and Competitive Landscape

The "Luxury Goods Retailing in the Americas, 2017-2022", report published by GlobalData provides analysis of current and forecast market data for luxury goods retail sales in different product categories across the Americas.

The luxury market in the Americas is seeing consistent growth, supported by a favorable economic scenario and rising tourism. The Americas grew at 3.5% CAGR during 2012-2017 and is projected to grow at 4.0% CAGR during 2017-2022. The US is the undisputed leader of the luxury market in the region, accounting for 92.1% market share; however, growth is driven by emerging markets such as Canada, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. The growing influence of social media has created awareness about brands while the improved purchasing power in these economies makes them attractive destinations for international luxury markets.

What else does this report offer?

– Current market sizes and forecasts to 2022 by country and 12 categories, including clothing, consumer electronics, drinks, footwear, homewares, jewelry, watches and accessories, luggage and leather goods, personal care, communication equipment, stationery, tobacco, and others

– Market insights based on consumer trends and changing economic and demographic factors

– Luxury goods retail sales and fastest-growing markets for Luxury goods channel

– Category level retail sales and forecast growth rates in Americas

– Competitive landscape covering market share of major Luxury goods operators and their Luxury goods sales and trading update analysis, recent key events.


– Luxury goods retail sales in the Americas to reach US$144 billion by 2022

– Latin American economies and Canada are driving growth in the luxury market

– Clothing is the largest product category in luxury sales in the Americas

– Communications equipment is projected to grow the fastest during 2017-2022.

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– Reliable Luxury goods retail sales data in Americas for 2017 with forecasts for 2022 with information on largest and fastest-growing markets to inform market expansion and to manage risk

– Explore an in-depth analysis of Luxury goods retail sales data for major markets to identify target categories and develop growth plans

– Learn from Luxury goods retail trends and market drivers to customize your entry/expansion approach depending on the Luxury goods retail landscape

– Choose partners, understand the competition, with data and analysis of major Luxury goods retailers, including market shares, trading performance, locations, travel retail strategy for each.

Companies mentioned


Ralph Lauren Corporation

Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.

Kering S.A.

Compagnie Financière

Richemont SA

Burberry Group PLC

Tiffany & Co.

Hermes International S.A.

Prada S.p.A.

Tod’s S.p.A.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Regional Analysis

Country Analysis

Sector Analysis

Competitive Landscape

Key Trends

Mergers & Acquisitions



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