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Robotics in Oil and Gas (2021) – Thematic Research

Robotics has been an essential part of the buzzing oil and gas industry for several decades. It has been adopted in the construction of oil and gas facilities, and also for inspection and maintenance tasks. Over time, the role of robots in the industry has evolved into a diverse one, with a growing list of functionalities. Robots offer higher reliability and efficiency in fulfilling assigned tasks, while also improving the safety of the operation.


This report presents an overview of adoption of robotics in the oil and gas industry.

It analyses the robotics value chain and how robotics theme is impacting the oil and gas business.

The report provides an overview of the competitive positions held by oil and gas companies, and technology vendors in the robotics theme.

It also provides some robotics case studies in the oil and gas industry.

Reasons to Buy

Evaluates the robotics value chain and evaluates its scope for various application

Impact analysis of robotics in oil and gas industry

Review of some of the case studies highlighting the robotics in the oil and gas industry

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas companies using robotics in their operation

Identify and benchmark key robotics technology providers in the oil and gas industry

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 4

Impact on the Oil and Gas Industry 5

Robotics adoption across the industry 5

Technological improvements in robotics in oil and gas 6

Case Studies 7

BP: Robotics for gas leakage detection 7

Equinor: Robotics for underwater surveys 7

ExxonMobil: Robotics for onshore drilling 8

Oceaneering: Robotics for subsea installation 8

Players 10

Technology Briefing 11

Defining a robot 11

From automata to modern robotics 11

Robot ethics and the socio-economic impact of automation 12

Types of robots 13

Trends 15

Oil and gas trends 15

Technology trends 16

Macroeconomic trends 19

Regulatory trends 21

Industry Analysis 22

Market size and growth forecasts 22

Patent trends 25

Mergers and acquisitions 26

Timeline 29

Value Chain 30

Robot manufacturing 31

Caged industrial robots 31

Industrial co-bots 32

Logistics robots (excluding drones) 33

Medical robots 34

Exoskeletons 37

Consumer robots 38

Drones 40

Inspection, cleaning, and maintenance robots 43

Field robots 44

Defense and security robots (excluding drones) 45

Hardware components 47

Precision mechanical parts 47

Semiconductors 47

Software components 50

Robotic intelligence 50

Robotics as a service 52

Cloud robotics 52

Companies 53

Oil and gas companies 53

Technology companies 56

Sector Scorecards 60

Integrated oil and gas companies’ scorecard 60

Who’s who 60

Thematic screen 61

Valuation screen 62

Glossary 63

Further Reading 65

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