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Ports North – Cairns Shipping Development – Queensland

Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Ltd (Ports North) plans to undertake the Cairns Shipping Development in Queensland, Australia.The project involves the dredging of shipping channel 9.4m deep and 140m wide. It will include five million m3 capital dredging, the expansion of an existing outer shipping channel, a cruise shipping swing basin, existing dredge material placement area and HMAS Cairns Navy base, the construction of a new shipping swing basin, upgrade of the existing cruise shipping wharves provision and services to the wharves.Arup in partnership with BMT WBM has been appointed as lead consultant and Building Queensland as study consultant to undertake the detailed business case for the project.In September 2012, Ports North submitted an application to the Federal Government for approval.In June 2016, Flanagan Consulting Group (FCG) was appointed as consultant to work with Ports North to deliver the next stage of the project.On February 28, 2018, Ports North secured the conditional environmental approvals from the Queensland Government.Ports North is awaiting approvals from the Commonwealth Government and in the process of completing the detailed business case for the project.Subject to completion of detailed business case and commonwealth environmental approvals, Ports North plan to commence construction work in 2019.


The project involves the dredging of shipping channel 9.4m deep and 140m wide at Cairns in Queensland, Australia.The US$93 million project includes the following:1. Expansion of an existing outer shipping channel2. Expansion of cruise shipping swing basin3. Expansion of an existing dredge material placement area4. Expansion of HMAS Cairns Navy base5. Construction of new shipping swing basin6. Upgrade of existing cruise shipping wharves7. Upgrade of services to the wharves

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