Precious Metals Mining in Bolivia to 2020 – a Focus on the Silver Industry

In 2013, Bolivian silver mine or metal content in the ore production was 44.1 million ounces, accounting for a share of around 5% of global production. Silver mine production is estimated to reach 48.7 million ounces at the end of the forecast year 2020, should production commence at the Pulacayo mine in addition to contribution from the San Cristobal and other currently active mines.


The report contains an overview of Bolivia's silver mining industry together with the key growth factors and restraints affecting the industry. Furthermore, it provides information about the country's reserves, production, prices, competitive landscape, major active, exploration and development projects, as well as its fiscal regime.

Key Highlights

• The country’s mining industry is characterized by small-scale or cooperative miners, which accounted for an estimated 27% of silver mine production.

• Recently, Bolivia's Karachipampa smelter produced the first lot of silver ingots, a welcome move when the majority of the nation’s raw mineral produce is exported for processing abroad.

• The Bolivian government’s revenue from mining royalties in 2013 was BOB921 million (approximately US$130.5 million), of which more than 50% was contributed by five mining companies.

• According to data released by Banco Central De Bolivia, the country’s central bank, the mining and quarrying industry drew FDI worth US$219 million in 2012, compared with US$238 million in 2011.

Reasons to buy

Gain an understanding of the Bolivian precious metals (silver) mining industry, the relevant drivers and restraining factors, reserves, historic and forecast production, prices, the competitive landscape and its fiscal regime.

Companies mentioned

Minera San Cristobal SA

Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation

Pan American Silver Corp.

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 Precious Metals Mining in Bolivia

2.1 Mining Industry Overview

2.2 Precious Metal Mining in Bolivia – Drivers

2.3 Precious Metals Mining in Bolivia – Restraints

3 Silver Mining in Bolivia – Reserves and Production

3.1 Reserves by Geographical Department

3.2 Historic and Forecast Production

3.3 Silver Prices

3.4 Total Production by Major Mines

3.5 Major Exploration and Development Projects

3.6 Demand Drivers

3.6.1 Increasing demand for silver

4 Competitive Landscape

4.1 Minera San Cristobal SA

4.2 Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation

4.3 Pan American Silver Corp

5 Fiscal Regime

5.1 The Bolivian Mining Industry – Governing Bodies

5.1.1 Ministry of Mining and Metallurgy

5.1.2 Bolivian Mining Corporation (Comibol)

5.2 The Bolivian Mining Industry – Governing Law

5.2.1 The New Mining Law

5.3 The Bolivian Mining Industry – Rights and Obligations

5.3.1 Rights

5.3.2 Obligations

5.4 The Bolivian Mining Industry – Key Fiscal Terms

5.4.1 Annual patent

5.4.2 Royalty

5.4.3 Corporate income tax

5.4.4 Capital gain tax

5.4.5 Special consumption tax (SCT)

5.4.6 Complementary mining tax

5.4.7 Withholding tax

5.4.8 Loss carry forward

5.4.9 Value added tax (VAT)

6 Appendix

6.1 What is this Report About?

6.2 Methodology

6.3 Secondary Research

6.4 Primary Research

6.5 Contact GlobalData

6.6 About GlobalData

6.7 GlobalData’s Services

6.8 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Silver Mining in Bolivia – Silver Mine Production (Million Ounces), 2000–2020

Table 2: Silver Mining in Bolivia – Major Active Mines, 2014

Table 3: Silver Mining in Bolivia – Major Exploration Projects, 2014

Table 4: Silver Mining in Bolivia – Major Development Projects, 2014

Table 5: Precious Metals Mining in Bolivia – Minera San Cristobal SA, Major Projects, 2014

Table 6: Precious Metals Mining in Bolivia – Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation, Major Projects, 2014

Table 7: Precious Metals Mining in Bolivia – Pan American Silver Corp., Major Projects, 2014

Table 8: Mining Industry in Bolivia – Annual Patent (BOB), 2014

List of Figures

Figure 1: Silver Mining in Bolivia – Mine Production (Million Ounces), 2000–2020

Figure 2: World Nominal Silver Prices – US$/oz (2013 – 2020f)

Figure 3: Silver Mining in Bolivia – Silver Demand, By End–Use (Million Ounces), 2010–2013


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