Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in Australian Mining, 2014

Maintenance and aftermarket services are taking an increasingly important role in the Australian mining sector. Following significant capital investment in new production capacity from 2008 to 2012, there is now record-high Australian commodity production, leading to a much larger mining equipment fleet, all of which requires maintenance and aftermarket servicing. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been quick to realize the benefits of providing better servicing, and have moved to adopt more product lifecycle agreements with customers. As such, more OEMs have adopted life-cycle management as standard practice, and opened aftermarket service centers. In February and March 2014, GlobalData surveyed 110 mine managers, maintenance managers, procurement managers and other key decision-makers currently working in 90 Australian mines. Respondents were asked specific questions about their preferences for maintenance and aftermarket services, including contracting and companies used. Key Findings: Australian mines use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for aftermarket service and maintenance in some capacity over 70% of the time, with higher use for strategic parts (97%) and processing parts (87%) than non-strategic parts (78%). Overall, 67% of respondents prefer to work with an OEM for their aftersales support, and only 22% of respondents want to be left alone, without any aftersales support for their OEM. Respondents who have OEM support for maintenance and aftermarket, on average, rate their OEM higher for performance then their peers. Lifecycle management was the most preferred service contract (35%) amongst respondents, followed by maintenance (30%)..


Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences in Australian Mining, 2014 published by GlobalData – Mining Intelligence Centre, provides readers with a detailed analysis of maintenance and aftermarket preferences in the Australian mining sector. The analysis is based upon GlobalData’s survey of 110 mine managers, procurement managers and other key decision-makers.

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Understand the preferences of Australian miners for maintenance and servicing, and the variations within these based on different types of purchases

Understand the role that Australian miners prefer their OEM to play for their maintenance and aftermarket.

Understand what the top OEM suppliers provide their customers with in terms of servicing and maintenance.

Review current service contracts preference within the Australian mining sector

Companies mentioned

Joy Global


Centennial Coal

Peabody Energy



BHP Billiton

Anglo American

Rio Tinto

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 The Maintenance and Aftermarket Industry

2.1 Types of Company Used for Maintenance and Aftermarket

3 After-sales equipment support

3.1 Importance of After-Sales Support When Choosing an OEM

4 Preferences between service contracts

5 Action Points and Recommendations

6 Appendix I

7 Appendix II

7.1 Survey Background

7.2 Analysis of the Survey Sample

8 Appendix II

8.1 What is This Report About?

8.2 Methodology

8.3 Secondary Research

8.4 Primary Research

8.5 Contact GlobalData

8.6 About GlobalData

8.7 GlobalData’s Services

8.8 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Respondents’ Intentions to Invest in 12 Mine-Site Technologies, 2014

Table 2: Specific Technology Areas Currently Prioritized by Respondents, 2014

Table 3: Ranking of Dominant Driver of Technology Investments, 2014

List of Figures

Figure 1: Types of Company used for Maintenance and Aftermarket (%), 2014

Figure 2: Use of Independent Third Parties by Mine Type (%), 2014

Figure 3: Use of Independent Third Parties by Company Size (%), 2014

Figure 4: Use of OEMs for Strategic Parts by Commodity (%), 2014

Figure 5: Preferences for After-Sales Support (%), 2014

Figure 6: Preferences for After-Sales Support by Mine Type and Company Size (%), 2014

Figure 7: Preferences for After-Sales Support by Commodity Type (%), 2014

Figure 8: Average Rating of Importance and Performance of OEMs for Service and Repair Capabilities

Figure 9: Average Ratings of Importance and Performance of OEMs for Maintenance and Service Costs

Figure 10: Preferences for Service Contracts (%), 2014

Figure 11: Preferences for Service Contracts by Mine Type (%), 2014

Figure 12: Survey Respondents by State (%), 2014

Figure 13: Survey Respondents by Mine Type (%), 2014

Figure 14: Survey Respondents by Commodity (%), 2014


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