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Mergers and Acquisitions in Oil and Gas (2017-Q1 2020) – Thematic Research

In 2019, M&A activity reached $224.4bn in deal value, reflecting growth of 29% and 159% compared to 2018 and 2017 respectively. The main themes that drove M&A activity across the oil and gas industry in 2019 were shale, emerging economies, China impact, industrial regulation, market liberalization, strategic partnerships, extraction technology, subsea, IoT, cloud, and renewable energy. The growing importance of sustainability, combined with volatile oil prices, diminishing resources has also resulted in M&A for diversification.

In the short term, COVID-19 is likely to reduce deal activity in the oil and gas sector. M&A deal count and total deal value has been trending down for the last three consecutive quarters, when measured on the basis of announced deals and deal value. In Q1 2020, a total of 14 M&A deals with a transaction value of $50m or more, were announced in the global oil and gas space.


The report analyses the importance of M&A as a theme on the oil & gas industry

The report discusses key M&A deals in oil and gas industry and identifies the underlying themes that led to those deals

The report evaluates how COVID–19 is impacting deal activity across the oil and gas value chain

The report also identifies potential acquisition targets in the near term emcomapssing key oil and gas themes and the thematic rationale behind those targets.

Reasons to Buy

To review the deal activity undertaken by oil and gas companies between 2017 and Q1 2020

To understand the major trends influential in driving these M&A within the oil and gas industry

To gauge the impact of COVID–19 pandemic on deal activity in the oil and gas industry

To identify potential M&A targets in oil and gas industry.

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Part 1: Thematic drivers of M&A strategy

Part 2: COVID-19 impact on the M&A market

Part 3: M&A activity in the oil and gas sector over the last three years

Part 4: Future M&A targets in oil and gas sector

Part 5: Deal selection methodology

Part 6: Glossary

Part 7: Our thematic methodology


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