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Hydrogen in Power – Thematic Research

Hydrogen, specifically green hydrogen, has been a topic of interest for the renewable energy economy for a very long time. Hydrogen remains one of the most abundantly available and commonly known elements in the world, and it will become a gamechanger with its noteworthy contribution to clean energy transitions. Hydrogen is light, storable, energy-heavy, and does not produce direct carbon emissions or greenhouse gases (GHG). Sectors such as oil refining and ammonia, methanol, and steel production have been using hydrogen extensively. Hydrogen will play a critical role in the transition to clean energy with the advancement of its applications in sectors such as transportation (fuel cell vehicles), buildings (hydrogen blending), and power generation.

Hydrogen technology is now reaping the benefits of unprecedented political and business momentum, with many strategies, policies, and hydrogen projects worldwide expanding swiftly. Globally, countries are striving to hasten the development and use of hydrogen technology to tackle environmental concerns and enhance energy security. Formulating a cost-effective and well-regulated transition is a complex issue, and the cost of producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources is currently expensive. However, the momentum that has been built along the entire value chain is accelerating the cost reduction in hydrogen production, transmission, distribution, retail, and end-applications. Now is the time to scale up low-carbon technologies and lower their costs, so that hydrogen technology can be widely utilized.


Overview of the unfolding of Hydrogen as a theme and its potential applications areas.

Detailed analysis of the hydrogen value chain and participation of leading players.

Detailed analysis of hydrogen policies of key countries around the world.

Prospects of low-carbon hydrogen and industry participation.

Review of the recent technological advancements in hydrogen theme that could shape its adoption.

Assessment of the strategies and initiatives adopted by power companies to gain a competitive advantage in this theme.

Reasons to Buy

Identify the key industry, technology, and regulatory trends impacting the global adoption of hydrogen.

Track the development of hydrogen theme in the energy sector.

Overview of hydrogen adoption strategies among leading economies around the world.

Understand the hydrogen value chain and the key players in it.

Assess M&A transactions associated with the hydrogen sector, major milestones in the journey of hydrogen and the growth trends in low-carbon hydrogen projects.

Identify and benchmark key power companies based on their competitive positioning in the hydrogen theme.

Key Players

Uniper, Xcel Energy, Vattenfall, Air Liquide, Air Products and Chemicals, HyGear, Engie, Cummins, Siemens Energy, NV Nederlandse Gasunie, RWE, Linde, Toshiba ESS, H2GO Power, Mcphy Energy, ITM Power, Nel Hydrogen, SunFire, Hydrogenics Europe, H-TEC Systems, Enapter, Green Hydrogen Systems, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, FuelCell Energy, Bloom Energy, Ballard Power Systems, Plug Power, Vision Group, HES Energy Systems, Gencell, Praxair, Powercell Sweden, Proton Power System, AFC Energy, Ceres Power, Kyocera, Doosan Fuel Cell, S-Fuelcell, ITM Motive, Nuvera Fuel Cells, E.ON, EnBW, Intermountain Power Agency, SSE, EGAT, Tugliq Energie, Tohoku Electric Power, Enertrag, Naturgy Energy Group, Florida Power & Light, HMG, Hyperion, Grove Hydrogen, Hopium, BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz Group, Nikola Corp, SAIC, Toyota, GAC Motor, Honda, Volkswagen Group, Hyzon Motors

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary 3

Players 4

Technology Briefing 5

Production of hydrogen 5

Transportation of hydrogen 9

Application technologies 10

Trends 12

Technology trends 12

Macroeconomic trends 15

Regulatory trends 16

Industry Analysis 18

Global pure hydrogen demand analysis 18

Hydrogen demand across key industries 19

Low-carbon hydrogen capacity outlook 33

Hydrogen production cost by technology 38

Mergers and acquisitions 45

Timeline 50

Value Chain 52

Energy source 52

Production 52

Transportation, storage, and distribution 53

End use 55

Companies 57

Leading companies in the hydrogen theme 57

Sector Scorecard 69

Glossary 72

Further Reading 73

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