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Hydrogen in Oil and Gas – Thematic Research

Historically, hydrogen has been a key element in the manufacturing of several key industrial chemicals such as methanol and ammonia; but it is predominantly used as an ingredient in crude oil refining applications. The so-called ‘hydrogen economy’ seeks to disrupt these conventions and utilize hydrogen as a fuel. The prospects of the hydrogen economy are rooted in the fact that it is a clean-burning fuel and that it is abundantly available. Hydrogen can work in tandem with renewable energy from solar, wind, and other sources, and it can take the role of an energy carrier for renewable energy when deployed for electrification purposes.


Overview of the unfolding of Hydrogen as a theme and its potential applications areas.

Detailed analysis of the hydrogen value chain and participation of leading players.

Detailed analysis of hydrogen policies of key countries around the world.

Prospects of low-carbon hydrogen and industry participation.

Review of the recent technological advancements in hydrogen theme that could shape its adoption.

Assessment of the strategies and initiatives adopted by oil and gas companies to gain a competitive advantage in this theme.

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Identify the key industry, technology, and regulatory trends impacting the global adoption of hydrogen.

Track the development of hydrogen theme in the energy sector.

Overview of hydrogen adoption strategies among leading economies around the world.

Understand the hydrogen value chain and the key players in it.

Assess the growth trends in low-carbon hydrogen projects.

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas players and EPC contractors based on their competitive positioning in the hydrogen theme.

Table of Contents

| Contents

Executive Summary 4

Players 5

Tech Briefing 6

Production of hydrogen 6

Transportation of hydrogen 10

Application technologies 11

Trends 13

Industry trends 13

Technology trends 14

Regulatory trends 17

Industry Analysis 19

Global pure hydrogen demand analysis 19

Hydrogen demand across key industries 20

Low-carbon hydrogen capacity outlook 35

Hydrogen production cost by technology 40

Review of hydrogen pipeline network 41

Competitive analysis 42

M&A activities 46

Timeline 47

Value Chain 48

Energy source 48

Production 49

Transportation, storage, and distribution 50

End use 51

Companies 52

Oil and gas companies 52

Hydrogen technology companies 55

Sector Scorecard 60

Integrated oil and gas sector scorecard 60

Independent oil and gas sector scorecard 63

Glossary 66

Further Reading 67

| Our Thematic Research Methodology 68

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