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paysafecard is one of the leading online prepaid voucher providers in Europe. Launched in Austria in 2000, it was acquired by Skrill Group in 2013 and became part of Paysafe Group through the latter’s acquisition of Skrill in 2015. Since then, paysafecard has been integrated into the group’s prepaid division.

paysafecard allows consumers to convert cash into digital currency and pay for goods and services online without having to provide merchants with any bank or credit card details. Customers can purchase the digital currency in the form of prepaid vouchers with 16-digit PINs, which can be redeemed at checkout for online purchases. The prepaid voucher can be purchased for different denominations of a country’s local currency.

The vouchers are currently available in 50 countries worldwide. Users can buy them online or at more than 650,000 sales outlets. In Canada, for instance, users can purchase paysafecard using online portals TopMeUp and PC Game Supply. In Germany, is the official online paysafecard distributor.

paysafecard is accepted by thousands of online merchants globally across the gaming, online, music, film, and entertainment sectors. To offer convenient voucher purchases and online payments, my paysafecard was introduced in 2013. This allows consumers to store their paysafecard vouchers in a personal online payments account, which can then easily be used wherever paysafecard is accepted by entering a username and password. In December 2016 it introduced a new service called paysafecard direct, which allows registered users to top up their my paysafecard account directly at sales outlets without having to purchase a voucher.

In July 2020, Paysafe Group acquired Openbucks, a US-based payment services provider, to expand its prepaid vouchers and eCash business in the US.

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– In 2000, paysafecard was launched in Austria.

– In January 2011, paysafecard received first payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority.

– In August 2014, paysafecard launched prepaid Mastercard card, allowing users to make both online and offline payments as well as cash withdrawals at ATMs.

– In May 2021, paysafecard partnered with TripGift, a travel booking and gift card redemption platform, to enable payments via paysafecard on the TripGift platform.

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