Analysing the Commercial Impact of the reform of European Soccer Competitions

A detailed analysis of the reasons why European club football competition reform is necessary, the proposals and their potential impacts


This report analyses the commercial impact of UEFA's club football competition reforms

It details the current state of UEFA club competitions

It analyses the underlying reasons behind why reform is necessary

It analyses the reform proposals and their potential impacts including the rise and fall of the Super League, UEFA's expanded 36-team Champions League format and the adoption of a Swiss Model format for the group stage

Key Highlights

European club competition reform is needed if it is to continue to thrive

12 of Europe's leading clubs fail in bid to breakaway from UEFA club competitions to form a 'Super League'

UEFA's reforms improve the European football products in a way which inherently favours the biggest teams

Reasons to buy

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the impacts of UEFA's new club competition reforms

Companies mentioned


European Club Association

Real Madrid

FC Barcelona

Atletico Madrid


AC Milan

Inter Milan

Manchester United

Manchester City




Tottenham Hotspur

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Report Overview

3. The need for reform?

4. The proposed reforms and their impacts


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