Tokyo City Sport Landscape – Analysing City’s Sport Profile, Events and Sponsorships

While the city has once again seen the majority of its sporting events cancelled in the wake of the pandemic, the Olympics will continue as Tokyo enters a state of emergency due to the pandemic health crisis. Having initially been positioned as a means to turn Tokyo into a world sporting capital alongside the Rugby World Cup, and a means of driving tourism to the city, government restrictions on international travel means the Games of 2020 will feel very different with athletes requiring regular health monitoring, and with some sponsors already pulling out of Olympic themed advertising, the commercial side of the Games is now beginning to strain as well. On top of the Games, Tokyo is hosting the FINA Diving World Cup, and the Tokyo Marathon, an annual event in the city, which once again faces the risk of being cancelled in the wake of the pandemic.


This city profile looks at the event landscape in Tokyo and how it has been affected by the pandemic as well as a breakdown of public spending on the Olympic Games and public sentiment for the Games given Tokyo's health crisis. The profile also provides an overview of the city's biggest sponsorship agreements, its future event bids, and an overview of its sport teams and venues.

Key Highlights

An insight into the different commercial models of the FINA Diving World Cup and the Tokyo Marathon, with insights into how geographical and sport market factors influence brand decisions to partner with these events

Reasons to buy

Data surrounding city economics will provide readers with an understanding of Tokyo's capacity to host large scale sportign events. Readers will also gain access to industry leading sponsorship data and a look into the sporting present and future of Japan's capital.

Companies mentioned

IOC, Marathon Major Series, FINA, ATP, WTA, Badminton World Federation, Abbott, Yakult

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Key Information and Background

3. Event Landscape

4. Sponsorship Landscape

5. Future Bids

6. Appendix


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