Super Bowl LV and Impact of COVID-19 – Pre-Event Analysis

Detailed insight into this years Super Bowl, looking closely at the participating teams, the commercial landscape of the game and the international platform for which it sits.


A detailed run through of Super Bowl number 55 and its commercial state of play after COVID-19. The profile takes a closer look at the two competing teams, their Quarter Backs and the state of Florida as its prepares to host the event.

Key Highlights

A clear breakdown of the two competing teams and their key players. A look into how money is generated from sponsorship and media rights, whilst looking at how advertising revenues offer substantial sums for broadcasters.

Reasons to buy

The report offers an understanding and insight into an event dubbed ‘the greatest show on earth’. The event is very closely linked to big sums of money and this reports offers an insight into how that money is generated and being spent, as well as looking at the restrictions expected by COVID-19.

Table of Contents

1. Super Bowl Overview

2. Buccaneers versus Chiefs

3. Brady versus Mahomes

4. COVID-19 threat to result in lowest attended Super Bowl in history;

5. NFL Regular season Average Attendances;

6. Global Pandemic & Super Bowl in Context

7. TV Audiences & the Super Bowl

8. In-game Advertising Continues to Demand Top Dollar

9. Impact on Tampa Tourism

List of Tables

Buccaneers & Chiefs Tables & Graphs; Average Attendances in regular season Graph; COVID-19 Case Numbers Graph


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