Australian Open (Tennis Grand Slam) 2021 – Property Profile, Sponsorship and Media Landscape

Detailed report looking over the first tennis Grand Slam event of the year in Australia. The report takes a closer look at the sponsorship and media landscape of the tournament and the effect COVID-19 has on its preparations.


The report offers a detailed examination of the sponsorship portfolio of the Australian Open and takes a closer look at sponsorship from an individual player perspective, complete with examples and kit supplier deals for the top 32 seeds in each of the men’s and women’s draws. Beyond this, the report breaks down prize money, and its media landscape and breaks down the effects of COVID-19 including losses from ticket sales.

Key Highlights

Sponsorship revenue and breakdown for the event and players. Media landscape of the tournament. Prize money allocation for 2021. Expected losses from COVID-19.

Reasons to buy

Detailed breakdown of the first Grand Slam event of the year.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Australian Open Overview

3. Sponsorship Landscape

4. Athlete Sponsorship Review

5. Media Landscape

6. Social Media

7. Impact of COVID-19

List of Tables

AO 2021 Prize Money Table

AO Sponsorship Value Chart

Partnership Length Chart

Sponsorship breakdown by Sector Chart

Sponsorship breakdown by Location chart

Player Kit Supplier Tables

Grand Slam Social Media Comparison Chart

Player Social Media Charts

Ticket Money Loss Table


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