Tourism Destination Market Insight – Caribbean (2021)

Analysis of destination markets, infrastructure and attractions, as well as risks and opportunities in the Caribbean. This report explores the types of travelers that visit the region as well as a SWOT analysis. Puerto Rico and Jamaica are looked into in detail.

Key Highlights

– In 2020, Cuba was the most visited country in the Caribbean, welcoming 2.9 million visitors.

– Barbados welcomed 231,000 international arrivals in 2020, which was a YOY decrease of 67.4%. Like a number of other Caribbean nations, Barbados is capitalizing on the fact that many people are now working from home and created the ‘Welcome Stamp’. This is a new visa that allows remote workers to spend up to a year in Barbados.

– When assessing Caribbean destinations against Butler’s ‘Tourism destination life-cycle’ framework, a number of destinations are still at the ‘exploring’ or ‘involvement’ stage, such as Dominica, St. Kitts, Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda. ‘Exploring’ is where a few adventurous travelers are looking for something different in a holiday, finding a place that is special in terms of its culture, natural beauty, history or landscape. ‘Involvement’ is where local people start to notice that there are increasing numbers of people coming to their local area. As a result, they start businesses to provide accommodation, food, guides, and transport for the relatively small increase in travelers.


– This report is part of GlobalData's Destination Market Insights Series. These reports provide an in-depth analysis of a tourist destination and its key source markets, as well as an assessment of the trends and issues in the covered destniantion market, in this case the Caribbean.

Reasons to buy

– Obtain a clear and detailed insight into new developments in a highly popular tourist destination.

– Use data and analysis to explore future trends related to international arrivals, airlines, niche tourism, and hotel developments.

– Gain a strong understanding of the opportunities in the market, as well as the risks, to support better business decisions.

Companies mentioned

Royal Caribbean



American Airlines


Frontier Airlines

British Airways


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


COVID-19 Impact

Source Markets

Types of Tourism

Destination Focus: Puerto Rico

Destination Focus: Jamaica

Regional Risk & SWOT Analysis


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