Analysing the Potential Commercial Impact of COVID-19 on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

This report analyses the potential impact of COVID-19 on the Tokyo 2020 Oympic Games. The report is split into two sections. The first section analyses what the expected impact of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was pre-COVID-19, with a focus on the socioeconomic impact of previous Olympic Games, the commercial rights investments in Tokyo 2020, the ticketing sales process, Tokyo 2020 construction projects and tourism related advertisements. The second section of the report analyses the impact of COVID-19 on Tokyo 2020, looking at the current cases and vaccine landscape in Japan, visitation scenarios for Tokyo 2020, the impact of COVID-19 on Tokyo 2020 sponsors and broadcasters, tourism related advertisements and the tourism legacy of Tokyo 2020.

The Olympic Games are utilised by host nations and cities as a means of generating both local and national economic stimulation through mass tourism and spending and can often act as a catalyst for a new era of socioeconommic developmment for a country. For Japan and Tokyo, this was no different, with the 2020 Olympics set to be the biggest yet, whereby budgeting costs and commercial rights investments had broken all previous records for summer Olympic Games. COVID-19 has however posed a serious threat to the impact the games could have, inducing a 12 month delay, a ban on international fans and still no guarantee of domestic fans being able to attend.

Key Highlights

– Commercially, Tokyo 2020 was set to be the biggest Olympics yet, and by some distance. Both The Olympic Partner Programme and domestic sponsorship investments had smashed previous records, while broadcasting rights values for Tokyo 2020 were expected to be up 10 per cent on previous Olympic Games. A record number of tickets had also been made available.

– COVID-19 has led to the Tokyo Olympics to be postponed by 12 months. International spectators have been banned from travelling to Japan for the Games, while there is still no guarantee on domestic fans being able to attent Olympic events.

– COVID-19 has presented a multitude of problems for Tokyo 2020 stakeholders, severely denting the potential impact the Games could have


– This report provides an overview of the potential impact of Tokyo 2020 in a COVID-19 world.

– It analyses the impact of previous Olympic Games to make projections for the impact of Tokyo 2020.

– It analyses the impact of COVID-19 on a range of stakeholders involved in Tokyo 2020

Reasons to buy

– To gain an understanding of the impact of major international sporting events such as the Olympic Games

– Assess how COVID-19 is impacting major international sporting events and the tourism industry

Companies mentioned

International Olympic Committee

Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games









General Electric










The Japan Consortium


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Expected Impact of Tokyo 2020 pre-COVID-19

1.1 Socio-economic impact of the Olympics

1.2 IOC Revenue Sources and Dsitribution

1.3 Sponsorship

1.4 Broadcasting Rights

1.5 Ticketing

1.6 Construction for Tokyo 2020

1.7 Tourism related advertisement

2. Tokyo 2020 & The Impact of COVID-19

2.1 Cases and vaccine rollout in Japan

2.2 Visitation Scenarios for Tokyo 2020

2.3 Sponsorship

2.4 Broadcasters

2.5 Tourism related advertisement

2.6 Tourism Legacy



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