Key Trends in Sport Tourism (2021)

Analysis of sport tourists, key trends, future events and the impact of COVID-19, destination case studies, advertising activity, and challenges and opportunities

Key Highlights

– The ripple effect from sport tourism is mainly viewed from an economic standpoint, with the hosting of sporting events being a viewed as a catalyst for economic growth. However, the social and environmental impact of sport tourism needs to also be considered.

– Active sport tourism could even be boosted in the long-term by the pandemic, as general consumers become more aware of their personal health and undertake sporting activities in open areas, due to continued concern around the pandemic in urban areas. However, sport event tourism could be impacted for years to come because of the pandemic. The idea of being in a packed stadium amongst thousands of other chanting fans will be off-putting for many beyond the short term. Additionally, sport event tourism often means staying in crowded cities and traveling on crammed public transport with many other sport tourists that may not respect other peoples’ concerns around virus transmission.

– According to GlobalData’s Q3 2019 Consumer Survey, (73%) of Middle Eastern and African consumers stated that they are either ‘concerned’ or ‘very concerned’ with looking and feeling old. Sport and adventure tourism can help to minimize these feelings through increased levels of exercise, whilst improving mental wellbeing due to undertaking activities in outdoor environments. This point should be highly visible in marketing content pushed to this region.


– GlobalData’s Key Trends Report "Key Trends in Sports Tourism", looks at the different types of sport tourist, current key trends within the industry, future major events and the impact of COVID-19, destination case studies, advertising activity, and challenges and opportunities within this space.

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– Look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this industry.

– Gain a detailed understanding of the key trends, issues and challenges facing providers.

– Understand the different types of sport tourist and how you can market to them effectively.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Major upcoming sport events

Sport tourists

Key trends

Future events and the impact of COVID-19

Destination case studies

Advertising activity

Challenges and opportunities



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