Key Trends in Cruises

The global cruise industry is growing and evolving – companies are targeting a new demographic and aiming to offer new destinations and activities to grow their market share. This report looks at the cruise industry in detail, exploring current and future trends in traveler types and cruise destinations.

Key Highlights

– Cruises appear to be extremely popular among those aged between 18 and 44, making up 63% of tourists interested in going on a cruise in 2020

– By 2025, members of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) plan to see a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions as sustainability becomes a growing concern

– Embarking on a cruise holiday used to mean it would be very difficult to communicate with people back home and passengers were essentially cut off from technology and the rest of the world. However, within the last few decades, there have been huge changes and now cruise companies are embracing technology and are even using it to entice more customers


– GlobalData’s Tourism Insights Report "Key Trends in Cruises: Exploring key trends and issues in the cruise industry", looks at the key trends & issues within the cruise industry, as well as the opportunities and threats. It also offers an insight into key destinations, traveler groups, and into the strategies of the leading companies.

Reasons to buy

– Gain an insight into the cruise industries leading players.

– Understand the key traveler types cruise companies can look to attract

– Look at the key destinations and why they appeal

– Gain a detailed understanding of the key trends, isseus and chellenges facing cruiseline operators

Companies mentioned


Royal Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Line



Princess Cruises


Crystal Cruises

Virgin Voyages


Fred Olsen

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Traveler Types

Key Market Trends

Sustainable travel

Incorporating technology

Transformational travel

Key Destinations




Challenges and Opportunities

New Ports around the World



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