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Travel Apps – Thematic Research

To successfully reach travelers, many travel and tourism companies have realized the value travel apps can bring. Smartphones have become popular and are being used as a travel companion. Over the last decade, the travel apps theme has grown extensively, and the development of other technologies has created some incredibly powerful apps. To stay relevant and support an easier traveler journey, the launch of a travel app can deliver value and will become a key component of most, if not all travel companies in the near future.

This thematic research report takes an in-depth look at the theme of travel apps and the impact it has on the travel and tourism industry. This report analyzes the players impacted by this theme alongside the technology trends, macroeconomic trends, and industry trends as a result of the travel apps theme. It then dives deep into an industry analysis presenting a number of real-life case studies looking at how destinations and companies have responded to the travel apps theme and the benefits it has given. Recommendations are then offered for the travel sector alongside a description of companies mentioned throughout.

“The emergence of travel apps has been a disruptive force within the travel and tourism industry. face-to-face interactions were common, but the tech native travelers of today are demanding travel apps to empower their trips. Travel apps have grown substantially over recent years and launching an app that facilitates an easier customer journey will bode well, playing into the hands of tech-driven travelers. An online presence alone is no longer enough, and travel apps will soon become standard. Those who do not realize the value now could be at risk of losing business in the future.” – Gus Gardner, Travel & Tourism Associate Analyst, GlobalData.


This thematic report provides an overview of the impact travel apps has on the travel sector and seeks to understand how technology is accelerating this theme.

The key trends within this theme are split into three categories: technology trends, macroeconomic trends, and industry trends.

Several case studies are included to analyze the multiple ways companies and countries have responded to the impact of this theme and what they are doing to position themselves strongly.

Our unique thematic analysis then dives deep into how other industry themes have aided the expansion of travel apps, the impact of COVID-19 on this theme, and how travel apps have offered all players unique ways to develop industry-leading apps.

Key Highlights

Travel apps have become commonplace within the travel and tourism industry. As consumers increasingly seek the most convenient way to interact with travel brands, development and investment in travel apps is set to increase.

Generation Hashtag are the first members of the population that have been brought up with widespread access to smartphones and are not afraid of the endless opportunities they hold. This tech native population has been highly receptive to the power of apps, and travel apps have become powerful tools to reach this market.

Travel apps have become popular due to the convenience they offer travelers. Apps that utilize the latest technology have become industry leaders within the theme. Technology has allowed companies to create apps that offer a superior service to travelers, even excelling the online offering of a company.

The pandemic has given agile companies the opportunity to take a step back, access their competitive position, and invest in the latest technology to improve the customer experience. Similarly, travel apps have been altered to create a contactless travel experience addressing pandemic concerns. The pandemic has accelerated app development.

Reasons to Buy

Understand the impact of travel apps on travel and tourism companies, using case studies and examples to help you understand how you can tackle and accelerate your position within this theme.

Assess the strategies that companies are adopting to become front runners within this theme, gaining a competitive advantage as a result.

Acknowledge both the advantages and disadvantages of travel apps, identifying why it is critical to develop strategic actions that ensure the forward movement of travel businesses.

Discover recommendations that will help you service the next generation of travelers by establishing an app presence and effectively servicing the market in the right way.

GlobalData’s thematic research ecosystem is a single, integrated global research platform that provides an easy-to-use framework for tracking all themes across all companies in all sectors. It has a proven track record of identifying the important themes early, enabling companies to make the right investments ahead of the competition, and secure that all-important competitive advantage.

All across the travel and tourism supply chain, companies have an opportunity to meet the needs of future travelers by launching a travel app and there are notable examples of this. Therefore, all should buy this report to fully understand how this theme will continue to be a key theme in the future travel landscape.

Companies Mentioned

AirAsia, Airbnb, American Airlines, Carnival Corporation, Delta Air Lines, easyJet, Flyr, Hilton, Revolut, Tourism of Cambodia

Table of Contents

Executive summary


Thematic briefing


Industry analysis

Impact on travel & tourism

Value chain


Sector scorecards


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