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Overtourism – Thematic Research

Overtourism has become more than just a buzzword in the tourism industry in recent years as locals and travelers alike begin to recognize the problems that arise from huge influxes of tourists to already popular areas. This report looks at the companies playing a role in overtourism as well as those actively combating the threat.


This report provides an overview of overtourism as an issue.

It identifies the key causes of overtourism.

It identifies the key consequences of overtourism, as well as how governments are looking to tackle them.

It provides case studies analyzing overtourism in known hotspots across the globe, looking at the causes, consequences and possible solutions.

It analyzes the impact of overtourism on the travel and tourism industry and discusses what affected parties can do to lessen the problem.

Key Highlights

Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and it is estimated that, by 2050, this proportion will reach 70%. The growing urban population along with increasing tourist umbers often means that main cities can become overrun very quickly.

Destinations such as Venice, Iceland, Thailand, and Barcelona have hit the headlines multiple times in recent years and overtourism is certainly an issue. Overtourism was high on the list of priorities at the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) global summit in Buenos Aires in 2018, demonstrating that the industry as a whole is taking this issue seriously.

As the effects of overtourism are becoming more well-known across the world, many travelers seek out companies that are actively involved in curbing its effects.

Reasons to buy

Understand what overtourism is

Understand the key causes and consequences of overtourism

Learn about possible solutions to overtourism

Identify key overtourism hotspots

Companies mentioned

Responsible Travel, STA Travel, G Adventures, Ryanair, easyJet, Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean, Booking Holdings, Intrepid Travel, Norwegian Cruise Line

Table of Contents



Trends contributing to overtourism

Trends as a result of overtourism

Trends in tackling overtourism

Case Studies







Machu Picchu

Great Barrier Reef

Analysis of Overtourism


Impact of overtourism on the travel and tourism industry

Recommendations for travel and tourism companies

Companies Section

Companies contributing to overtourism

Companies combating overtourism




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