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Hot Topic Brief – Impact of COVID-19 on the global cruise industry

COVID-19, commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, is dominating headlines the world over. The travel & tourism sector is suffering significant disruption and the cruise industry is being greatly impacted.

Key Highlights

– The Government of the Maldives is allowing cruise ships to call again in August, and has released a comprehensive 28-page document, Guidelines for Restarting Tourism in the Maldives. Cruise ships and yachts arriving in the Maldives are mainly exempt from the new general tourism guidelines and must adhere to International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and guidelines. Cruise ships and yachts will not be allowed to embark or disembark passengers on or off inhabited islands until August 1st, 2020.

– The Norwegian government has officially announced that it will allow “Hurtigruten and other cruise” lines to carry foreign passengers along the coast of Norway. Ships are not allowed to make port calls or land passengers or crew. However, they will be able to offer activities in Norwegian waters, such as kayaking, using the ships’ equipment. Hurtigruten plans to carry German guests who will not leave the ship, but instead enjoy expedition activities such as zodiac tours and kayaking.

– American Cruise Lines is now aiming to be the first cruise operator back on U.S. waterways with its July 12 departure on the lower Mississippi River, sailing between Memphis and New Orleans on the new American Harmony. The brand is also planning to kick start its Alaska season on July 23rd with the American Constellation, and offer New England cruises starting on July 22nd aboard the American Constitution.


– This report provides insight into the current state of play, offers a look at potential future scenarios and assesses the actions that cruise lines can take to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Reasons to Buy

– Gain an overview of the current global COVID-19 situation

– Understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on the industry

– Explore future industry scenarios

– Assess possible mitigating actions

– Compare key industry players’ actions

Companies Mentioned

Carnival Corporation


Royal Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Line


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Analyst’s Overview

Current COVID-19 Situation

Industry Impact

Future Scenarios

Actions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19



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