Argentina Tobacco Products – Market Assessment and Forecasts to 2025

Per capita expenditure for cigarettes in 2020 was higher across Argentina when compared to Latin America however was lower on a global scale.Philip Morris International Inc, was the largest manufacturer for cigarettes in Argentina tobacco sector

This report brings together multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the tobacco sector in Argentina, as part of GlobalData’s global coverage of the sector. It includes analysis on the following –

– Market Context: The report provides comparative analysis of the value shares of Argentina in the Latin America and global tobacco sector. Additionally, the per capita expenditure of tobacco in the Argentina is also compared with the Latin America and global levels.

– Market Size and Structure : The report offers an overview of the growth at a sector level and provides analysis of cigarettes category. The category is analyzed by value, volume, and CAGR for the period 2015-2025. The section also includes value analysis of segments, value and volume analysis of sub-segments segments for the period 2015-2025.

– Production and Trade: Provides analysis on per capita expenditure of tobacco in the Argentina, by category, compared to the Latin America and global markets. Further, analysis on the leading distribution channels at category level in 2020. The consumer sector reports cover the following eight distribution channels: cash & carries and warehouse clubs, convenience stores, department stores, e-retailers, hypermarkets & supermarkets, tobacco specialists, vending machines, and other general retailers.

– Taxation : It covers taxation landscape in the country and effects in the tobacco sector

– Manufacturers and Brands: The report provides analysis on leading companies by category in 2019 and analyzes the market share and growth of private label in each category.

– The Smoking Population: The report covers consumption of tobacco by gender in Argentina.

– Operating Constraints: The report cover the impact of policies and regulation on tobacco sector in Argentina.

– Prospects and Forecasts: The report covers forecast analysis of categories in the tobacco sector

– Macroeconomic analysis: The report also provides an outlook on macroeconomic indicators in Argentina, with a detailed summary of the economy, labor market, and demographics.

– Exchange rates: Exchange rates used to convert local currency to US dollars are annual average floating exchange rates.

– Time period: The report provides sector value and volume data, including category and sector level data for the period 2015-2025. Distribution channel data is of 2020, and company data is included for 2019.


– The Argentina tobacco sector accounted for value share of 13.2%, in Latin America, in 2020

– Per capita expenditure of tobacco was lower in Argentina than the global level in 2020

– The Argentina tobacco sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.1% by value during 2020-2025

– Convenience stores was the leading distribution channel in the cigarettes category, with a value share of 47.2% in 2020

– Tax structure on cigarette consumption across Argentina remains complex

– Smoking prevalence in Argentina was 20.0% in 2019 with 26.0% of men and 15.0% of women classified as smokers

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Companies mentioned

British American Tobacco Plc

Philip Morris International Inc

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Report scope

Part 1: Introduction

Executive Summary

Part 2: Market Context

Value growth analysis by region

PCE of Argentina compared to global and Latin America markets

Part 3: Market Size and Structure

Argentina tobacco sector snapshot

Market Size Analysis

Cross category comparison category winners and losers

Market size analysis category: cigarettes

Segment analysis : cigarettes

Sub segment analysis: cigarettes

Part 4: Production and Trade

Per capita expenditure analysis by category

Channel share analysis cigarettes

Part 5: Taxation

Emergency Tax Reduction Timetable, 2000 2008

Part 6: Manufacturers and Brands

Leading companies volume share in cigarettes category, 2019

Part 7: The Smoking population

Smoking population, by gender

Part 8: Operating Constraints

Part 9: Prospects and Forecasts

Tobacco product growth analysis cigarettes

Part 10: Macroeconomic Analysis

GDP growth and inflation

Population growth

Labor market trend

Economic summary, labor market trends, and demographic trends

Argentina Risk Index (GCRI) 2020

Argentina Risk Analysis Compared to the Global and Latin America Markets




List of Tables

List of Tables

Leading value categories

Fastest growing segments (value), 2020

Leading companies by category (Volume), 2020

Leading channel by category (Volume), 2020

Leading value and volume categories

Cigarettes value analysis by segment, 2015 2025

Cigarettes value analysis by sub segment, 2015 2025

Per capita expenditure (by category), Argentina compared to Latin America and global levels (in US$), 2020

Change in distribution share in cigarettes, 2015 2020

Brand volume shares of top five companies by category, 2019

Performance Overview (Score: 1 100)

Sector data, by category

Per capita expenditure (US$), 2015 2025

Tobacco volume sales distribution in the Argentina, by category, 2020

Brand volume share by category, 2019

Real GDP and Annual Growth (%), 2017 2025

Nominal GDP and Annual Growth (%), 2017 2025

Consumer Price Inflation (%), 2017 2025

Employed People and Unemployment Rate (%), 2017 2025

Nominal Household Final Consumption Expenditure and Annual Growth (%), 2017 2025

Population and Annual Growth (%), 2017 2025

Population by Age Group (%)

Population by Gender (%)

Population by Rural Urban Split (%)

Exchange Rates, 2015 2025

List of Figures

List of Figures

Value share of Argentina in the global and Latin America tobacco sector, 2020 2025

PCE comparison Argentina, Latin America, and global, 2015 2025

Market size and growth analysis by value, tobacco products sector, 2015 2025

Market size and growth analysis by value and volume, cigarettes category, 2015 2025

Key distribution channels Cigarettes

Leading companies (in volume million pieces) in the cigarettes category, 2019

Percentages of adult smokers by gender, 2007 2020

Cigarettes consumption, million pieces, 2015 2025

Real GDP (ARS billion) and annual growth (%)

Nominal GDP (ARS billion) and annual growth (%)

Consumer price inflation (%)

Nominal household final consumption expenditure growth (%) in ARS terms

Population (million) and annual growth (%)

Population by age group (%)

Population by gender (%)

Population by rural urban split (%)

Employed people (million) and unemployment rate (%)

Economic summary, labor market trends, and demographic trends

Five Lowest Risk Nations in GCRI Q4 2020

Five Highest Risk Nations in GCRI Q4 2020

Argentina’s performance in country risk analysis in comparison Latin America and world average


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