Brexit’s Impact on Global Tech – Thematic Research

Brexit – the term used to refer to the UK’s planned departure from the European Union (EU) – is one of the most important and controversial political stories of recent times. Technology companies worldwide need to reformulate their strategies and progress action plans in preparation for Brexit. The rejection by Members of Parliament (MPs) of British prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal has left the technology industry staring at a ‘No Deal’ scenario, with potentially severe impacts on the ability of tech companies to service contracts with customers and worries over falling investment and failing competitiveness because of the ongoing political and economic uncertainty.


This report summarizes five Brexit scenarios and the corresponding outlook for six tech sectors: hardware, software, internet, TV, telecoms operators and space. It is based on interviews with specialists on key issues in each sector.

Key Highlights

The report highlights five key areas as challenges that must be overcome to mitigate the impact of Brexit on the tech sector, including: securing the continued free flow of data; ensuring continued access to talent; enabling the frictionless movement of tech products and services across borders; providing alignment on rules covering digital services; and retaining access to EU funding streams.

It lists out the major milestones in the journey towards Brexit, and provides an easy-to-follow parliamentary roadmap showing how the Brexit issue is likely to develop over the coming months.

Reasons to buy

This report evaluates a range of possible outcomes to Brexit, all of them largely dependent on political twists and turns.

It identifies the winners and losers from Brexit from across the global tech sector.

It includes analysis of how Brexit will impact six tech sectors (hardware, software and services, internet, TV broadcasters, telecoms operators and space companies) and assess the impact on people, politics, economics and business of likely Brexit scenarios.

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Table of Contents

Winners and Losers

Brexit Timeline

Parliamentary Roadmap

Brexit Outcome Analysis

Sector Predictions for 'Brexit' Scenarios

Brexit Impact Analysis

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