Global Emerging Technology Trends Survey 2018 – Thematic Research

This survey was designed to help us understand current attitudes of business leaders towards emerging technologies and evaluate how these attitudes are likely to evolve over the next three years. The results also give us a view of actual adoption levels of select emerging technologies in organizations across industries and geographies, as well as reasons for that adoption.


This report provides a snapshot of current attitudes of business leaders towards emerging technologies.

It summarises investment priorities for enterprises from all industries.

It highlights emerging technology trends.

It uses key metrics to identify the business objectives behind emerging technology implementations.

It also provides recommendations for both enterprises and technology vendors.

Key Highlights

Cybersecurity was identified as the most important emerging technology by respondents, highlighting its status as a critical business function in today's digital economy. Our results also suggest that, rather than focus on specific emerging technology areas, enterprises are keeping their options open by looking at a broad spectrum.

Reasons to buy

This in-depth survey of global business leaders give a clear insight into their views on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. It also offers recommendations for enterprises on how to get the most from their emerging technology investments, and for technology vendors selling emerging technology products and services.

Table of Contents

Scope of Research

Executive Summary

Survey Demographics and Methodology

Emerging Technology Trends

Implementing Emerging Technologies

Conclusions and Recommendations



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