Home Office Monetization – Demand Dynamics, Solutions and Bundling Approaches for Telcos in the New Working Environment

“Home Office Monetization – Demand Dynamics, Solutions and Bundling Approaches for Telcos in the New Working Environment” is a new Global Outlook Report by GlobalData that provides an executive-level overview of the trends, telco business and residential value propositions and positioning strategies for the Home Office Hub. It delivers qualitative and quantitative insights into the impact of COVID-19 on home workers and telco solutions. It analyzes key demands of the home office trends and provides insights into telco activity, positioning and value propositions.

The COVID-19 lockdowns have changed the demand dynamics of the home, giving rise to the home office hub . The home office hub arose from the demands of home working, home learning, and home entertainment all existing simultaneously. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of reliable high-speed broadband connections and the mounting importance of ICT home office solutions. Beyond providing connectivity, telcos have the opportunity to support the home office hub with a multitude of ICT services (e.g., cybersecurity, cloud services, remote networks) and bundling/positioning approaches.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the following –

– Home Office Market Context: an overview of the trends reshaping the home office hub in the context of and post- COVID-19 and a framework defining the home office hub.

– Home Office Demand & Solution Dynamics: an overview of the B2B/business and B2C/residential needs presented by the shift to the home office.

– Home Office Telco Solutions & Value Propositions: analysis of telco B2B and B2C solutions, bundles and services targeted at the home office hub and home workers as well as their positioning opportunities to meet the home office hub needs.

– Case Studies: five case studies analysing the home office solutions and approaches to monetization of five telecom operators globally; and providing best pratices.

– Key Findings and Recommendations: the Global Outlook Report concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for the home office stakeholders, including telecom service providers, on how to monetize the home office hub.


– The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of reliable high-speed broadband connections and the mounting importance of the Home Office.

– The home office hub is expected to continue post-pandemic, as employees prefer to work part-time remotely and part-time in the office.

– Telcos are positioned to provide the fixed and mobile connectivity the sustains the home office hub.

– Multiplay bundles are an effective strategy to bundle services and target the home office.

– Cybersecurity is a significant concern as remote working offers more points of vulnerability.

– Communication & collaboration platforms have spiked since COVID-19 as people turn to the platforms for work, school, and social needs.

– Telcos have the opportunity to further monetize the Home Office Hub through dedicated solutions – e.g., double residential broadband lines, unified communication & collaboration (UC&C), cloud and cybersecurity solutions, VPN and SD-WAN, OTT video offering, cloud gaming, eEducation, eHealth, and smart home services.

– The home office hub has blurred the lines between B2B and B2C telco solutions. Telcos can target B2B and B2C segments with their home office bundles.

Reasons to buy

– This Global Outlook Report provides a comprehensive examination of the home office hub trend. It helps executives fully understand the market dynamics, demand and solution trends, and the latest developments. It helps telecom decision-makers determine key home office positioning strategies, formulate effective product development plans, and optimize return on investments.

– Five case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights around different telco Home Office value propositions across the world, including services, monetization approaches and partnerships. This will help telecom executives craft adapted home office strategies.

– The report discusses concrete opportunities of the home office trend, providing a number of actionable recommendations for ecosystem participants, including telecom service providers.

Companies mentioned

A1 Telekom Austria


America Movil





Celcom Malaysia

Check Point



Deutsche Telekom








Izzi Telecom

Kalaam Telecom Bahrain



Movistar Costa Rica


Ooredoo Myanmar


Palo Alto

Proximus Belgium






SpeechLogix Canada




The Washington Post

TIM Italy

T-Mobile US





Vodafone UK

Zain Saudi Arabia


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

Section 1: Home Office Market Context

Home Office – COVID 19 Trends/Impacts

Home Office Framework

Home Office B2B & B2C

Section 2: Home Office Demand & Solution Dynamics

Home Office Trends – Demand & Solution Dynamics

Section 3: Home Office Telco Solutions & Value Propositions

Home Office – Telco Solutions

Home Office – Multiplay Bundles

Home Office Demand Trends – FTTH/B

Home Office Demand Trends – Communication & Collaboration Tools

Home Office Demand Trends – Cybersecurity

Home Office Demand Trends – Remote Networks

Home Office Demand Trends – Fixed Wireless Access

Section 4: Case Studies

Home Office – Case Study: Orange Business Services

Home Office – Case Study: AT&T

Home Office – Case Study: Singtel

Home Office – Case Study: BT

Home Office – Case Study: Telmex

Section 5: Key Findings & Recommendations

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