Telco B2B and Consumer IoT Strategies and Case Studies – 2020

Telco B2B and Consumer IoT Strategies and Case Studies – 2020’, a new Global Outlook Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of global telecom B2B and consumer IoT strategies, with case studies. It delivers deep qualitative insights into the IoT industry, telecom IoT value chain, select telecom service launches, telecom B2B and Consumer IoT strategies and use cases.

There are four key monetization opportunities for telcos in consumer IoT mentioned in this report. However, since none of these opportunities are mutually exclusive, most telcos today are attempting to ascertain the right focus and mix between the four approaches, and the state of today’s market can be summed up as a go-to-market trial and error. Certainly, all telcos recognize that there is no clear or uncontested position for them in either the smart home or wide area connected device value chain, and finding the right niche and balance of monetization objectives is a longer-term strategic goal. For broadband and TV service providers, establishing a firm service foothold in the multiplay home for longer-term revenue protection is key.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the following –

– IoT taxonomy & market context: an overview of IoT, IIoT, the telecom value chain with analysis and select telecom IoT services launches at a global level.

– Telecom B2B IoT strategies and use cases: an overview of the key global telecom IoT use cases, value propositions, strategies, monetization models, service models.

– Telecom consumer IoT strategies and use cases: this section provides an overview of the key global telecom IoT use cases, business strategies, monetization models, partnerships, key verticals, connectivity and connectivity platforms utilised.

– Key findings and recommendations: the Global Outlook Report concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for B2B and consumer IoT stakeholders, especially telecom operators.


– B2B IoT – Foster Development Community: Leaving app development to IT providers and systems integrators like IBM and Accenture leaves money on the table and cedes account control. If they are serious about value-added services, operators need to figure out a way either to develop branded applications in-house or to convince developers to do so.

– Consumer IoT: Long-term customer value creation and loyalty is a key driver for telco innovation in the smart home. Many telcos today are seeking to align smart home packages with their multiplay portfolios, and in some cases, there is evidence of carriers offering their highest-spend convergence customers preferable pricing – a marketing strategy which warrants some study.

– Operators should be proactive in identifying use cases and providing evidence of their success, including details on how much deployments are generating in revenues and other quantifiable metrics such as cost savings.

Reasons to buy

– This Global Outlook Report provides a comprehensive examination of telecom B2B and consumer IoT strategies, value chain, business models and use cases. It helps executives fully understand the ecosystem, market dynamics, latest developments and value chain. It helps telecom decision-makers determine key telecom IoT positioning strategies, formulate effective product development plans and optimize returns on investments.

– Three B2B IoT and three Consumer IoT case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights around different value propositions across the world, including services, monetization approaches and partnerships. This will help telecom executives craft adapted B2B and consumer IoT strategies to unlock new revenue streams.

– The report discusses concrete opportunities in the telecom B2B and consumer IoT market, providing a number of actionable recommendations for IoT participants, including telecom operators.

Companies mentioned

Admiral Insurance



Bridge Alliance

China Mobile



Deutsche Telekom




Hong Kong Telecom


Marshall ADG








Tata Communications






Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary for Business IoT

Executive Summary for Consumer IoT

Section 1: Taxonomy and Market Context

Defining IoT and IIoT

Telecom IoT Value Chain

Select Telco IoT Service Launches

Section 2: Telecom B2B IoT Strategies and Use Cases

Deciphering the IoT Telecom Opportunity for B2B

Operator Service Profile: AT&T

Operator Use Case: AT&T and Marshall ADG

Operator Service Profile: Verizon

Operator Use Case: Verizon and Oklahoma City

Operator Service Profile: Vodafone

Operator Use Case: Vodafone and Admiral Insurance

Section 3: Telecom Consumer IoT Strategies and Use Cases

Telecom Consumer IoT Monetization Models

Operator Use Case: Comcast, Xfinity Home

Operator Use Case: Vodafone, V-Home

Operator Use Case: HKT, Smart Living

Section 4: Findings and Recommendations

B2B IoT: Findings and Recommendations

Consumer IoT: Findings and Recommendations


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List of Figures

List of Figures

Exhibit 1: IoT Stack Overview

Exhibit 2: Telco Portfolio And Expertise Against the IoT Value Chain

Exhibit 3: Recent Telco IoT Service Launches, Global

Exhibit 4: Select IoT Use Cases

Exhibit 5: AT&T, US, Snapshot

Exhibit 6: AT&T, US, Use Case Snapshot

Exhibit 7: Verizon, US, Snapshot

Exhibit 8: Verizon, US, Use Case Snapshot

Exhibit 9: Vodafone, UK/Europe, Snapshot

Exhibit 10: Vodafone, UK/Europe, Use Case Snapshot

Exhibit 11: Key Monetization Aims

Exhibit 12: Comcast, US, Xfinity Home Case Study Snapshot

Exhibit 13: Comcast Service Model, Value Proposition & Monetization Approaches

Exhibit 14: Vodafone, Spain, Smart Home Case Study Snapshot

Exhibit 15: Vodafone Service Model, Value Proposition & Monetization Approaches

Exhibit 16: HKT, Hong Kong, Smart Living Case Study Snapshot

Exhibit 17: HKT Smart Living Service Model, Value Proposition & Monetization Approaches


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