OTT Video Content, Pricing, and Market Opportunity in the Americas – 2019

The OTT video market in the Americas is very heterogeneous: North America is the largest and most mature market worldwide, with the US accounting for an estimated 71.4% of the total SVoD subscriptions in the Americas at year-end 2019, while Latin America accounts for the remaining 28.6%. There is also a great range of industry OTT video players operating at the global and regional levels, including Internet aggregators, broadcasters and content production companies and local telco/pay-TV players.

OTT Video Content, Pricing and Market Opportunity in the Americas – 2019’ a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData offers a thorough study of the over-the-top (OTT) SVoD video market in the Americas region. The report analyzes different OTT video content, pricing, and partnership strategies and provides context around broadband and pay-TV

service evolution as well as a SVoD subscription forecast. The report consists of following sections –

– OTT Video Content & Pricing Strategies: This section provides a general overview of the types of players in the Americas OTT video market as well as the various content, pricing and partnership strategies that are employed in the region.

– SVoD Forecast: This section first examines pay-TV and broadband trends in the Americas and worldwide to provide context and then provides a forecast of the Americas SVoD subscriptions through 2023.

– Key findings and recommendations: It consists of a summary of key findings and a set of recommendations for telecom operators, OTT players, and regulators.


– North America is the largest and most mature SVoD market worldwide, with the US accounting for an estimated 71.4% of the total subscriptions in the Americas at year-end 2019, with Latin America accounting for the remaining 28.6% at the end of the same period.

– Most pure OTT video platforms in the Americas offer a subscription-based business model (SVoD), giving clients access to a set video library and, in some cases, also the possibility to access additional premium titles and live content for an additional fee (e.g., Amazon Prime Video).

– OTT service providers are increasing their content budgets to build attractive content offerings tailored for the markets where they operate.

– As premium OTT platforms gain relevance and content producers start to lock out content on their proprietary platforms, partnerships between telco and pay-TV service providers with premium SVoD platforms are becoming a mainstream industry trend.

Reasons to buy

– Offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of over-the-top video (OTT) SVoD video market in the Americas.

– The report investigates OTT video market content and pricing trends, comparing and contrasting the product portfolio and pricing strategy of key players in the region.

– The report discusses the state of the SVoD market, and the current trends surrounding OTT partnerships

– The report provides a region level forecast for the Americas SVoD subscription market over 2018-2023.

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Warner Media



Amazon Prime Video


Table of Contents

Table of contents

Executive summary

Section 1: OTT video content strategies


OTT video market context

OTT video content trends

OTT video pricing models

OTT video pricing strategies

OTT video partnerships

Section 2: SVoD forecast

Americas in a global context

Pay-TV evolution in the Americas

SVoD trends in North America

SVoD trends in Latin America

Section 3: Key findings and recommendations

Key findings and recommendations


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