5G: Fixed Wireless – An Early 5G Use Case

"5G: Fixed Wireless – An Early 5G Use Case", a research report by GlobalData, examines the 5G fixed wireless (FWA) use cases for telcos. Leveraging primary and secondary research, the report provides an overview of the 5G FWA environment and assessment of the telcos initiatives to launch 5G FWA services.

Operators in some markets are competing to be first to market with commercial 5G. Fixed-wireless access (FWA) offers a way for operators to begin offering 5G services ahead of full standards and the availability of 5G- enabled mobile devices.5G FWA offers a stepping stone to future mobile 5G use cases, and future converged networks. The lessons learned from deploying 5G FWA can be leveraged for future 5G use cases.

The report is structured as follows –

– Section 1: Introduction – 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA); this section provides an introduction to the 5G FWA landscape

– Section 2: 5G FWA Considerations and Use Cases; this section looks at various technical, business, and market factors that influence 5G FWA use cases

– Section 3: Case Studies; this section analyses Verizon and AT&T's 5G initiatives

– Section 4: Key findings and recommendations; we conclude the report with a set of key findings, critical considerations, and recommendations.


– Fixed wireless to be first pre-standard 5G use case

– Fibre and spectrum considerations are important

– Operators should build flexible and diverse 5G portfolios.

Reasons to buy

– This Global Outlook report provides an overview of 5G FWA use cases for telcos to help executives understand market dynamics, formulate effective product development plans, optimize resource allocation, and return on investment.

– The report discusses key factors influencing 5G FWA, providing a number of actionable recommendations for telcos.

– The report is designed for an executive-level audience, to help to understand the different approaches that telcos are adopting to foster their presence within the 5G value chain and ecosystem.

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Straight Path Communications


Time Warner


XO Communications

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of contents 3

List of exhibits 4

Executive summary 5

Section 1: Introduction – 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 6

Key use cases 7

Why 5G Fixed-Wireless Access? 8

Section 2: 5G FWA Considerations and Use Cases 9

5G Fixed Wireless – Technology Speed 10

5G Fixed Wireless – Spectrum 11

5G Fixed Wireless – Technology Limitations 12

5G Fixed Wireless – Types of Operators 13

5G Fixed Wireless – Operator Views 14

5G Fixed Wireless – Vendor Landscape 15

5G Fixed Wireless Use Case: Last-Mile Solution for Fiber Connectivity 16

5G Fixed Wireless Use Case: Backhaul For Mobile Services 17

Section 3: Case Studies 18

Case study: Verizon 19

Case study: AT&T 22

Section 4: Key findings and recommendations 24

Appendix 26

Acronyms and definitions 27

Companies mentioned 29

Related research 30

List of Figures

List of Figures

Exhibit 1: Why fixed wireless? 8

Exhibit 2: 5G US timeline 10

Exhibit 3: Spectrum considerations for 5G FWA 11

Exhibit 4: Millimeter wave atmospheric absorption 14

Exhibit 5: Operators exploring 5G FWA 13

Exhibit 6: Ericsson estimation of 5G FWA cost 16

Exhibit 7: Small cell deployment projections 17

Exhibit 8: 28 GHZ band spectrum ownership 20

Exhibit 9: Broadband price comparisons 21

Exhibit 10: 39 GHZ band spectrum ownership 23


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