Startup Companies Scorecard – Ranking Top 10,000 Startups based on Investments, Innovations and Market Presence

The Startup Companies Scorecard helps you identify and shortlist startups as potential investment opportunities, partners, acquisition targets, and vendors. Using proprietary data and expert analysis, the Startup Companies Scorecard ranks startups, allowing you to compare performance across different sectors and themes.

GlobalData identified and ranked the top 10,000+ startups, spanning 75+ countries and 30+ sectors including Technology, Media and Communication, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Construction, Automotive, Financial Services, Medical Devices, Retail, Consumer Goods, and the Energy domain, including Oil and Gas, Power, Clean Technology, and Renewables.

The USA is the startup hub with over 5,300 top startups, followed distantly by China with over 1,700 companies. India ranks 3rd and UK 4th, with close to 500 companies each.

The Scorecard and Ranking have been created from globally curated databases of Deals, Patents, News, Social Media Mentions, and Influencers.

The Startup Scorecard is based on 3 pillars:

1. Investment: Investor interest in the startup from inception to present.

2. Innovation: Patent portfolio of the startup.

3. Market Presence: Social media presence of the startup, its partnerships, and acquisitions.

The Startup Companies Scorecard Report is comprised of the Key Findings Presentation Deck and an Excel Pack ranking the Top 10,000 Startups using Investments, Innovation, and Market Presence as Scorecard parameters.


Investment Activity:

– Number of Investors who have invested in the startup over time.

– Number of Tier 1 Investors.

– Total investment and cumulative venture capital funding secured over time.

– Stage of funding of the latest round or series.

– Average fund raised per deal, cumulative investment raised, and number of investments.


– Patents applied.

– Patents granted.

– Patent quality.

– Patent strength.

Market Presence:

– Number of Twitter followers on official Twitter handle.

– Partnership News.

– Acquisitions by the startup.

–Count of Tweets related to the startup posted by influencers.

Reasons to buy

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) of startups using quantitative data-driven analysis based on three pillars: investment, innovation, and market presence.

Understand the investor interest and activity in the startups, driven by key indicators including funding, total investors, Tier-1 investors, and stage of funding.

Benchmark using metrics to identify startups outperforming their peers, along with Visual Graphical Insights.

Identify innovative startups using patent count, patent quality and patent strength.

View granularly by sector, themes, and geographies.

Identify key social media signals from Twitter, partnership news, and influencers.

Companies mentioned

Magic Leap, Robinhood, Spotify, Bytedance, Ola, Databricks, Stripe, Grab, UiPath, Zhenguanyu, Impossible Foods, Zomato, Swiggy, Fanatics, Grail, BYJU’s, Rofoods, Intarcia Therapeutics, WeWork, Maplebear, SenseTime, Urban Compass, Neutron Holdings, Manbang Group, Zyoyebang, Paytm, NU Pagamentos, DataRobot, GoJek, SpaceX

Table of Contents

Startup Scorecard – Key Findings Presentation Deck

• Top Startups Covered across Sectors, Geographies and Themes

• Theme Vs Sector Heat Map

• Count of Startup by VC Funding

• Total Investments by Latest Series of VC Funding

• Count of Startups by Stage of Startup

• Geographical Breakdown

• More than 10 Sector Covered

• More than 10 Themes Covered

• Cross Country Analysis by Sector and Theme

• Identifying Relative Attractiveness of Startups using Innovation and Investment Score

• Top Tier 1 Investors

• Total Investment Raised by Sector and Themes

• Total Tier 1 Investors by Sectors and Themes

• Stage of Startup by Sector and Themes

• Last Round of VC Financing by Sector and Themes

• Top 5 Themes Clusters by Geography

Excel Pack – Top 10,000 Startups Scorecard using Investments, Innovation and Market Presence Pillars

Data Fields

• Rank

• Startup Company Name

• Stage of Startup

• PE Funded

• Last Round of VC Financing

• Last VC Round Funding Completed Date

• Country (HQ)

• Sector

• Tier 1 Investors

• Broader Theme (Business Category)

Ranking Parameters

1. Investment Activity

• Total Investors

• Total Tier 1 Investors

• Total Investment Raised Till Date

• Stage of Funding

• Average fund raised per deal

• Investor Activity Score

2. Innovation

• No. of Patents Applied

• No. of Patents Granted

• Average Patent quality

• Patent Portfolio Strength

• Innovation Score

3. Market Presence

• Twitter Followers

• Partnership News

• Acquisition

• Influencer Count

• Market Presence Score


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