Payments Sector Scorecard – Thematic Research

This report assesses the key themes that are transforming the payments market right now, utilizing our thematic scoring methodology to identify which companies will do well in the market in the future – and the companies that will falter as a result of their lack of investment in the key payments themes. In this report, we score over 30 of the world’s leading payments companies against the 10 themes that are impacting their industry the most. Our resulting thematic engine helps us identify the strongest and weakest players in the payments sector over the next two years.


COVID-19 is the most impactful theme in payments in the immediate term, having accelerated the existing digital transformation of the payments market greatly;

Chinese payments giants Ant Financial and Tencent are the strongest incumbent players;

Visa and Mastercard retain strong positions;

Banks and traditional processors are lagging;

Tech disruptors such as Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet are better positioned in key payments themes than most traditional players.

Reasons to buy

Identify the key payments themes for the next few years and learn how they will affect the market;

Adapt your payments strategy to anticipate and benefit from these themes as they play out;

Identify the future winners and losers in the payments market to inform your partnership strategies.

Companies mentioned

ACI Worldwide, Adyen, Alphabet, Amazon, Amex, Ant Financial, Apple, Barclays, Danske, Discover, Facebook, FIS, Fiserv, Global Payments, Ingenico, JCB, JPMorgan Chase, Line, Mastercard, MoneyGram, Nets, Pax Technology, PayPal, Paytm, Samsung Electronics, SecurePay, Square, Stripe, Tencent, TransferWise, Verifone, Visa, Western Union, Wirecard, Worldline, WorldRemit

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Theme map

COVID-19 impact on the payments sector

Sector performance

Top 10 themes

Sector Scorecard: Payments

Who’s who

Thematic screen

Valuation screen

Risk screen

Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


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