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Today’s digital economy is powered by data. In banking, the challenge is not collecting data – incumbents already have far more data on their customers than new entrants vying for market share. Instead, the challenge is deriving insights from it, as the volume, velocity, and variety of data generated places ever more strain on outdated legacy IT systems. Meanwhile, initiatives like open banking give incumbents less time to upgrade tech platforms, as data is more readily available to various players already set up to derive value from it. And the continual encroachment of tech companies, telcos, and new digital banks raises consumer demand for more personalized, contextual experiences. As such, many retail banks have come to see big data as the central – and most urgent – transformation imperative of digitization.


The amount of digital data stored in the world grew relatively slowly until about 2010, at which point it took off exponentially. It is expected to record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26% between 2017 and 2022.

Many incumbent banks are rethinking how data governance is structured, how roles are defined, and the kind of talents needed in senior leaders. Roles like chief data officer and chief privacy officer are being reconsidered as these issues move from largely compliance or marketing roles to addressing more strategic questions for financial institutions.

The big data theme has been an important factor in a number of major acquisitions over the last few years, particularly in the application software and cloud services sectors.

Reasons to buy

Benchmark yourself against the rest of the market.

Ensure you remain competitive as issues related to big data remain a key issue in the future.

Be prepared for how big data will impact the banking industry over the next few years.

Companies mentioned

IBM, Informatica, SAS, SAP, Oracle, Tableau (Salesforce), TIBCO, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, FICO Analytics, DataStax, Intel, Cloudera, Teradata, MarkLogic, Talend, Cisco, J.P. Morgan, WeBank, MYbank, USAA

Table of Contents


Technology briefing


Data trends

Technology trends

Regulatory trends

Macroeconomic trends

Consumer trends

Industry analysis

Big data improves the customer experience

Mergers and acquisitions


Value chain

Big data generation

Big data management

Data governance and security

Business intelligence

Data analysis

Data storage

Data processing

Data aggregation

Data integration

Big data product development

Big data consumption

Key recommendations for banks

Key recommendations for vendors


Financial services providers

Non-bank public companies

Non-bank private companies


Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


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