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Power Lead and Report Bundle

Now more than ever digitalization is key to business growth and placing our products

in front of the right audience globally.  A wider view of emerging power themes, including the right intelligence and enhanced leads, can make or break your sales pitch.

GlobalData’s Leads and Report Bundle is the ultimate sales tool kit for your teams to convert leads and win new business.

1. Identify your next business prospects using our 50 marketing qualified leads.

Whatever your focus and organizational goals, our leads can help you achieve them – each one is fully verified and enhanced with comprehensive firmographic details you can’t find anywhere in the public domain. GlobalData’s upgraded leads provide you with unrivalled insight into the company including:

  • Major Products
  • Major Services
  • Major Brands
  • R&D Overview
  • Business Segment
  • Geographical Segments
  • Top Competitors
  • Fiscal Year End
  • Annual Revenue

2. Elevate your teams’ knowledge on the leading companies in the sector with our Report Bundle, which includes:

  • Power Industry Top 20 Themes Predictions for 2021 – Thematic Research: Covers 20 power themes, drawn from industry, technology, and macroeconomics. It depicts a short-term outlook for this industry while offering predictions, highlighting the leaders and laggards, and pointing you in the direction of further reading.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Power Sector – Thematic Research: Reviews the M&A deal activity undertaken by power companies previously, data on major trends influential in driving M&A within the power sector, and potential M&A targets.
  • COVID-19 The Road to Economic Recovery – Thematic Research: provides up-to-date insights on the performance of major economies while analyzing COVID-19’s impact on leading companies.

Use our reports to recognize business trends & market signals to focus your sales messaging. Our unique collection of data and proprietary research within your sector will enable your team to align on targets, spot opportunities and deliver tangible benefits to clients.

The unique combination of our industry research and enhanced sales leads means you can tailor your sales and marketing messages to engage and convert pitches quicker.

Whether you’re looking to pinpoint new buyers or improve your prospecting strategy, we can help amplify your initiatives with our Leads and Report Bundle, which includes:

1. Report bundle (each worth $1950 individually)

  • Power Industry Top 20 Themes Predictions for 2021 – Thematic Research
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Power Sector – Thematic Research
  • COVID-19 The Road to Economic Recovery – Thematic Research

2. 50x Enhanced Leads

Your next sale is just around the corner.  Take charge of your prospecting and sales initiatives for the exclusive price of $1395 today.

Reasons to buy

  • Elevate and simplify your prospecting initiatives.
  • Access ready-qualified leads.
  • Enhance your sales pitch using complementary reports.
  • Equip your company with actionable insights and proprietary research.
  • Outstanding research to equip you and your teams

**Please note that GlobalData is the parent company of Verdict.


Discounts available for multiple purchases.

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