Cyber Security in Smart Grids Long Awaited Measures

Security concerns for the smart grid have taken centre stage in recent times as the possibility of an impending attack on its infrastructure has become evident. The advanced communication technologies, the ‘smart’ aspect of the smart grid, have emerged as being most vulnerable to cyber attacks. This has become a major barrier to the deployment of the smart grid. Smart grid industry players and government agencies have developed different measures to overcome the existing vulnerabilities. Ongoing efforts are expected to improve the security of the smart grid and make it more resilient against cyber attacks.


Importance of cyber security in the smart grid market

Recent developments towards enhancing cyber security in the smart grid market

Investment roadmap of the US cyber security smart grid market

Government initiatives towards deploying secure smart grid network

Industrial and technological developments to counter cyber threat to the smart grid

Reasons to buy

Identify key growth and investment opportunities in smart grid sector

Gain insight on the industry’s growth potential

Developing strategies

Facilitate decision-making based on upcoming market developments in the smart grid sector

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