Smart Grid Roll-out Steps to Overcome Utility and Consumer Barriers

Smart grid deployments are facing hurdles across the globe as issues are being raised over privacy and data security. Power utilities have also been found to lack initiatives to usher in smart grid technologies as they do not see any significant short-term benefits emerging from the smart grid. The governments planning to implement smart grid need to provide proper information to the concerned parties to allay apprehensions in their minds. The process has already begun in growing smart grid markets such as the US and is expected to bear positive results, making the smart grid a reality


Factors inhibiting the adoption of smart grids

Key initiatives to overcome market entry barrier

Identification of solutions to spur customer adoption

Key drivers to increase adoption of smart grid

Reasons to buy

Identify key growth and investment opportunities in smart grid sector

Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industry’s growth potential by developing strategies

Facilitate decision-making based on upcoming market developments in the smart grid sector

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