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Cloud computing, machine learning, augmented reality, internet TV, the Internet of Things, robotics, cryptocurrencies, voice, blockchain and cybersecurity. These are the big investment themes of tomorrow and they all have one thing in common: they generate huge amount of data.

Cisco estimates that the world generates 122 exabytes of internet data traffic per month. This data traffic is growing at 24% per annum and 82% of it is consumer generated. Most of this data traffic could be monetised via a rapidly growing band of hyperscale, internet-facing data centers around the world.

Inside this report, we look at the key players impacted by this theme, drilling down into the value chain and identifying winners and losers.


This report analyses data center and utilities.

The report highlights some of the global leaders and laggards in the data center industry and where do they sit in the value chain.

It analyses the main trends across the global data center industry.

It identifies the role of power utilities in the data center industry.

It provides an industry analysis of the data center sector and highlights its mergers and acquisitions and timeline.

It identifies public and private companies at the forefront of data center equipment industry.

Reasons to buy

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the present scenario and emerging market trends in the global data center industry.

To gain insights of the global market leaders and challengers in the data center industry and where do they sit in the value chain.

Extensive analysis of the role of power utilities in the data center sector.

Major market players within the data center equipment industry are profiled in this report and their action plans are studied thoroughly, which aid in interpreting the competitive outlook of the data center sector.

Companies mentioned

Arista, Applied Optoelectronics, Amazon, Apple, Broadcom, Brocade Comms, Cisco, Citrix Systems, Coriant , Dell, Ericsson, Extreme Networks, Facebook, Finisar, Google, HPE, Hitachi, Huawei, Intel, Infinera, Inventec, IBM, Juniper Networks, Lumentum, Lenovo, Micron, Microsoft, Nvidia, Nutanix, NetApp, Nokia, Oclaro, Quanta, Red Hat, Samsung, SK Hynix, Seagate, Toshiba, Viavi Solutions, VMware, Western Digital, Wistron, Xilinx

Table of Contents



Industry growth drivers 4

Hardware trends 7

Software trend 10


The Internet of Things, the cloud and AI are driving growth in the data center industry 11

The mobile revolution is spreading all the way up to the data center 12

Optimizing latency is the biggest challenge facing hyperscale data centers 12

The fireworks are largely at the software level 13

Software defined networking could turn the networking industry upside down 13

Role of power utilities will reduce as data centers move towards merchant PPAs, captive power generation or microgrids 14

Mergers and acquisitions 15

Winners and Losers 16

Timeline 16


Semiconductors 19

Servers and storage 21

Networking equipment 23

Software 26

Data center operators 27


Public Companies 28

Private companies 33


A brief history of networking 34

The OSI Model 36




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