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Gas Flaring – Thematic Research

GlobalData’s latest thematic report, ‘Gas Flaring’ provides an overview of gas flaring activities around the world. It highlights the top gas flaring countries in this domain along with the role played by leading oil and gas companies to lessen the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from flaring.

Gas flaring involves excess natural gas being burnt or flared off during an oil and gas operation. Gas flaring takes place across the oil and gas value chain but is predominant in the upstream sector. It has often been an easier recourse than harnessing the excess gas. Hence, it is natural that the largest exploration and production companies will contribute most towards gas flaring. Lately, there has been a conscious effort from the industry leaders to minimize this activity by setting up a gas recovery system, or even channelizing the gas to produce alternate revenue streams.

Figure: Top 10 flaring countries, by volume, 2010-2020

Source: UN, GlobalData Thematic Research                                                                                       ©GlobalData


This report reviews the major gas flaring countries and their efforts to reduce flaring activities.

This report reviews the oil and gas industry leaders and their involvement in curtailing gas flaring activities.

It highlights the various trends influencing the gas flaring theme.

It analyses the gas flaring value chain and identifies major players as leaders and laggards, based on their commitments and actions pertaining gas flaring.

Reasons to Buy

Identify the key industry, technology, and regulatory trends impacting the global gas flaring activity.

Overview of the leading gas flaring countries and their efforts to reduce flaring.

Overview of the gas flaring value chain and the key leaders and laggards in it.

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas players based on their commitments and actions in the gas flaring theme.

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3

Players 4

Technology Briefing 5

Gas flaring process 5

Types of flares 6

Types of flaring 6

Trends 7

Industry trends 7

Technology trends 9

Regulatory trends 10

Industry analysis 11

Leading gas flaring countries 11

Emission targets of flaring companies 19

Flaring and regulations in midstream and downstream sectors 21

Mitigating gas flaring 21

Timeline 22

Value chain 23

Upstream 24

Companies 25

Sector scorecard 28

Independent oil and gas companies’ scorecard 28

Glossary 31

Appendix 32

|Our thematic research methodology 33

| About GlobalData 35

| Contact Us 36


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