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Blockchain in Oil and Gas, 2021 Update – Thematic Research

Blockchain has come a long way in recent years, but it remains a nascent technology. It is easy to forget that blockchain has not been around for long due to the massive hype surrounding it. It was not until 2017 that blockchain properly captured the attention of enterprises. Since then, companies have identified use cases focused on addressing actual problems to better understand the technology itself.

In view of the prevailing uncertainty in global energy demand, there is heightened focus on cost reduction across all functions in the oil and gas industry. Leading players are seeking to simplify transaction processing using blockchain to boost operational efficiency and curb compliance issues. This has applications in diverse areas, including hydrocarbon production and processing, supply chain management, commodity trading, methane management, and circular plastic economy.


Overview of blockchain as a theme across various industries, with special focus on its impact on the oil and gas industry.

Detailed analysis of the emerging use cases for blockchain within oil and gas operations.

A brief overview of the major application areas for blockchain in the oil and gas industry.

Reasons to buy

Understand the importance of adopting blockchain in oil and gas operations to optimize workflows and improve transparency.

Identify the key trends and applications for blockchain theme.

A review of some of the case studies highlighting potential of blockchain in addressing complex business problems.

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas companies based on their exposure to the blockchain theme.

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3

Impact on the oil and gas industry 4

Players 7

Technology briefing 8

Trends 17

Oil and gas trends 17

Technology trends 18

Macroeconomic trends 20

Regulatory trends 22

Use case trends 23

Industry analysis 28

Challenges to be solved before large-scale deployment 31

Market size and growth forecasts 34

Mergers and acquisitions 38

Timeline 41

Value chain 42

Blockchain infrastructure 44

Blockchain protocols 49

P2P networks 51

Blockchain components 53

Blockchain applications 56

Blockchain services 58

Companies 60

Glossary 66

Further reading 69

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