Digital Twins in Oil and Gas – Thematic Research

Digital twins are digital representations of physical assets, systems, or processes. They help to detect, prevent, predict, and optimize the physical environment through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), real-time analytics, visualization, and simulation tools. It has taken nearly 20 years for digital twins to mature, and though they have grown up quickly in recent years, there is a lot more growing up to do.

The oil and gas industry is presently going through an unprecedented downturn from the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide lockdowns have significantly impacted global energy demand while also causing project delays due to supply chain disruption. The downturn has aggravated the need for improving the overall asset visibility to identify areas for cost reduction. Digital twins would be the key to achieving this objective and ensuring sustainable operations in the long term.

GlobalData’s latest thematic report provides a comprehensive review of the expanding role of digital twins across industrial applications, with special focus on the oil and gas industry.


Overview of digital twins as a theme across various industries, with special focus on its impact on the oil and gas industry.

Detailed analysis of the emerging use cases for digital twins within oil and gas operations.

A brief overview of the major application areas for digital twins in the oil and gas industry.

Reasons to buy

Understand the importance of adopting digital twins in oil and gas operations in achieving sustainability and competitiveness.

Identify the key trends and applications for digital twins theme.

A review of some of the case studies highlighting potential of digital twins in addressing complex business problems.

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas companies based on their exposure to digital twins theme.

Table of Contents


Executive summary 3

Impact on the oil and gas industry 4

Case studies 6

Players 7

Technology briefing 8

Trends 12

Oil and gas trends 12

Technology trends 14

Macroeconomic trends 15

Regulatory trends 16

Industry analysis 17

Use cases 21

Mergers and acquisitions 30

Timeline 31

Value chain 32

Physical layer 33

Connectivity layer 33

Data layer 35

Platform layer 38

App layer 39

Companies 42

Sector scorecards 47

Integrated oil and gas companies scorecard 47

Glossary 51

Further reading 53

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