Gas Hydrates (Low-Carbon Fossil Fuel) – Thematic Research

Gas hydrate, an untapped low-carbon fossil fuel, is likely to remain underexplored due to the emergence of commercially viable alternatives, especially renewables. This methane-rich resource is found in abundance on continental slopes around the world and in Arctic onshore regions of Russia and North America. It could potentially supply natural gas globally for the next hundred years. However, the hydrate molecule is highly sensitive to temperature and pressure variations. This makes gas hydrate extraction a very challenging endeavor.


This report assesses the worldwide potential for gas hydrates in sustaining the supply of hydrocarbons.

It reviews the major gas hydrate deposits around the world and their associated developments

The report also analyses the efforts undertaken by different countries in extraction of methane from hydrates

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Identify the key industry trends influencing the gas hydrates theme

Overview of major gas hydrates developments around the world

Identify potential opportunities in research and extraction of gas hydrates globally

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Executive Summary


Industry Trends

Industry Analysis

Gas hydrates deposits around the world

Gas hydrates developments around the world

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