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Gas to Liquids (Oil and Gas) – Thematic Research

Gas to liquids (GTL) is a conversion process that provides an avenue to monetize stranded and flared gases. Various high value products can be obtained from this conversion, including gasoline, diesel, naphtha, and waxes. The process results into production of cleaner fuels that offer better environmental performance over conventional fuels produced from crude oil. These products also have less sulfur and metal impurities which makes them a more valuable commodity in the automotive and transportation market.


This report assesses the role for GTL process in clean energy transformation within the oil and gas industry.

It evaluates the various trends in the GTL process landscape

It analyses the GTL value chain and how gas to liquids theme is impacting the oil and gas business.

The report provides an overview of the competitive positions held by and oil and gas companies and GTL technology vendors in the gas to liquids theme.

Reasons to Buy

Understand the importance of GTL as a theme in the oil and gas industry

Review the adoption of GTL across the world and its market potential in the evolving energy dynamics

Evaluate the GTL value chain along with the key players operating within each stage of this value chain

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas companies and GTL technology providers in this theme

Table of Contents


Executive summary 3

Players 4

Technology briefing 5

The Fischer–Tropsch process 5

Variations in GTL processes 5

Timeline 6

Trends 7

Oil and gas trends 7

Macroeconomic trends 8

Industry analysis 9

Value chain 12

Project development 12

Construction and operations 13

Applications 14

Companies 15

Oil and gas companies 15

GTL technology companies 16

Our thematic research methodology 18

About GlobalData 20

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